Homepoint - MQTT & HomeKit Touchscreen for ESP32

By M5Stack

* Thanks for the source code and project information provided by @Matt Sieren

Homepoint is a screen-based interface for MQTT-connected smart home devices that runs on the cheaply available ESP32 chipset. This project requires a MQTT-Broker to be running in your smart home.


  • See and trigger scenes (groups of devices) on the front screen.
  • Trigger individual devices by diving into scenes (long press).
  • See partially activated scenes by visual indicator.
  • Precompiled Binaries: No need to compile it yourself / easy to flash.
  • Remotely configurable through a web-interface.
  • Support for temperature, humidity and air quality sensors.
  • Supports both touchscreen or button-based navigation.
  • Screen updates automatically when devices are triggered from elsewhere.
  • Easy configuration through a JSON file.
  • Screensaver saves power by switching off screen after 10 minutes.
  • Statusbar shows connectivity for WiFi and MQTT as well as time.
  • Automate HomeKit accessories with switches (requires Home App automation settings)



Homepoint works with any ESP32 device and touchscreen supported by TFT_eSPI, which are:ILI9341, ILI9163, ST7735, S6D02A1, ILI9481, ILI9486, ILI9488, HX8357D and ST7789 based TFT displays that support SPI.

It has been tested with:

  • ArduiTouch
  • Adafruit Huzzah32 + Adafruit IL9341



Key Parts and Components

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  • 2221-K001-ND