Egg and Brushing Timer Enclosure for the Kitronik Timer Kit

By Kitronik Maker

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Guide by Kitronik Maker

Emma shows you how to make an egg timer enclosure for the Kitronik timer kit, ‎don't give this the brush off as there's an optional teeth cleaning design too! Follow ‎along and make your own!‎

There are two DXFs zipped up into a single ZIP file for this resource. Warning, the ‎fascia DXF is a bit of a monster due to the intricate engraving and may cause ‎problems for older machines. The facias are optional for this build, but it will look ‎better with them.‎

You Will Need:‎

  • Kitronik Timer Project Kit
  • ‎5mm material of your choice (We used Caramel Sidepressed Bamboo)
  • ‎6 x 30mm M3 Pan Head Screws
  • ‎6 x M3 Hex Nuts
  • ‎6 x 12mm Plastic Spacers
  • ‎4 x Plastic Hex Nuts
  • These DXFs

Egg and Brushing Timer Enclosure:‎


Grab the DXFs and head to the laser cutter/CAD software. The smaller of the two ‎files is for the box and the build can stop there if you prefer. The second file ‎contains both facades/fascias and you can choose whether you want an egg timer ‎or brushing timer!‎‎ ‎

Step 1: To the Lasercutter:‎


Cut out your box using the key above.‎‎ ‎

Step 2: Building and Mounting the Kit:‎


Assemble the kit as per the instructions, and then attach to the top and speaker ‎side panel as above. ‎

When assembling the board, leave the LED as long as it can be on its legs to make ‎sure it will poke out of the hole in the lid. ‎

Use the 30mm screws for mounting the speaker and the PCB. Use 12mm spacers ‎for the speaker and use 12mm spacers with an additional hex nut to make 15mm ‎for the PCB to ensure room for the button above the board.‎‎ ‎

Step 3: Assembling the Box:‎


Slide it all together! This may be friction fit depending on laser and material ‎tolerances, so you may have to use a little adhesive.‎‎ ‎

Step 4: Adding the Fascia:‎


The facades for the project are entirely optional and the design is extremely ‎customisable. As long as the bottom does not exceed the length of the box and the ‎hole for the button exists, anything goes! Here are two as examples:‎‎ ‎


example_7 ‎ ‎

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