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The Hacksmith: Building Baby Yoda’s Cradle

By The Hacksmith

This project was created by Engineering Superheroes of Hackmith Industries.


Hacksmith Industries is no stranger to the Mandalorian franchise, having spent several weeks focused on building a fully-functional suit of Mandalorian armor. In their Mandalorian series, the Hacksmith has completed the flamethrower gauntlet, blaster, spear, and helmet. Now, as they’re incorporating the final pieces (like a jetpack) into the suit, the team is turning their attention to the Mandalorian’s most iconic companion — baby Yoda. With this small creature comes the need for the cradle it hovers in as it joins the Mandalorian on many adventures. The cradle — although small — is a powerful gadget that can withstand explosions, shielding the passenger with small blast doors when in danger. Check out how it was made in the video below!


How Does it Work?

Baby Yoda’s cradle steadily hovers around with the Mandalorian throughout the show. The cradle must be lightweight and capable of being propelled to replicate this steady hovering. The ideal contemporary technology for this is a drone, so Ben, the resident Hacksmith drone expert, designed a custom drone body to sit inside the cradle.

The cradle’s body must be lightweight and durable, which is why the Hacksmith used aluminum for the frame. The frame consists of individual pieces laser cut from a large aluminum sheet and has four cylinders that house the drone’s propellers.

Once the frame was complete, the Hacksmith added the electronic components for flight and control. The cradle’s drone components consist of a flight controller, speed controller, and motors, which allow the cradle to fly and open/close its blast doors via remote control.

Vinyl was then wrapped around the frame to incorporate the final aesthetic touches. And, of course, baby Yoda was placed inside the cradle.

Although a remote-controlled flying cradle is appealing, it’s not quite as authentic to the show because Mando doesn’t walk around with a controller for the cradle. To add some smart technology to this build, a HuskyLens was added to the drone. The HuskyLens is an intelligent camera with integrated AI, programmed to close the blast doors whenever it sees a stormtrooper. See how the cradle was made in the circuit diagram below!

Schematic and BOM


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