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4/15/2019 | By Kevin Walseth

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones season 8 is just around the corner. Many of us fellow Digi-Keyers are big fans and the theories run wild around here. Not just about the show, but who has the coolest Game of Thrones desk ornaments. I decided I needed a name badge. I very quickly added a Digi-Key logo and a House Stark logo into the Bantam Tools software.

Game of Thrones

Bantam Tools Desktop PCB milling machine is a wonderful piece of equipment for a makerspace. The desktop CNC routers are primarily used to create prototype circuit boards, but time to time it is need for much more! Like trying to out-do your co-workers, or simply engraving onto basically anything. Below is a time-lapse of the bantam routing out the Stark logo on a 4x5 FR1 copper PCB blank.

Here are a few of our partners that have some cool Game of Thrones projects that are simple and DIY.

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