Truphone’s Flexible SIM Card Lineup

Truphone is a globally recognized MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), offering both software and hardware with coverage in over 190 countries. Services offered include 2G, 3G, 4G, and LPWAN.

Truphone has many different SIM cards available, including removable plastic SIM cards (sizes 1FF, 2FF, 3FF, and 4FF), soldered SIMs, and hardware integrated SIMs. Soldered SIMS are installed in the manufacturing of the device and come in MFF2 and DFN8 sizes. The hardware integrated SIMs are part of the cellular module architecture in WLCSP size.

eSIMs are typically divided between M2M (machine-to-machine) and consumer. M2M has very little customer interaction. The device manager typically controls the connectivity and is server-driven (push model). With consumers, the end-user chooses the connectivity provider and is client-driven (pull model). A few perks of eSIMs are GSMA SAS certification, they are UL and GCF tested, and they are interoperable.

With Truphone, one SIM card will work for all supported carriers. This is a great perk for products that are going to be deployed worldwide.

Most devices and modules will work out of the box with a Truphone SIM card. It’s recommended that the devices and modules have PTCRB and/ or GCF certifications.

The Truphone platform allows the user to manage, automate, report, and integrate. The user can manage their SIMs, subscriptions, and devices while automating deployments with business rules to optimize costs, detect fraud, and improve operations and report on patterns of connectivity of the devices. The platform can integrate with other platforms and cloud providers.

Overall, Truphone offers a wide range of carriers that work with many different SIM cards to provide the customer with a great amount of flexibility.

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