The stAK50h Unsealed Connection System—Delivering a Solution

“Out of stock” … “Not available” … “2-month delivery”—these were the responses from store clerks as I searched retailers for a desk. During these pandemic times, manufacturers have slowed their production and minimized their furniture selections. School was about to start with remote learning and finding an inexpensive but nice desk for my high schooler was proving to be harder than expected. So, with some frustration and a hint of enthusiasm, my 14-year old said, “I’ll build my own desk.” I was skeptical, to say the least, but we ended the day with a trip to a mega hardware store

Although impressed with her assertiveness, I did anticipate the breakdown of her proposal and thus secured a “plan B” just in case. After several days of sanding, priming and painting, ultimately, she realized the desk was not coming together as she had planned. Eventually, she asked if I could just buy any kind of desk at this point. I said, “Sure!” and moved on to my alternate plan — a new desk ordered online, shipped and at my doorstep within 10 days.

It’s no different in business—it is imperative to understand people’s needs, predict their requests and provide solutions. In today’s COVID-19 world, anticipating what customers need is not only a gesture, but also an essential aspect of being customer focused. Molex recognizes the importance of overcoming industry challenges and delivering products with solutions, like the stAK50h Unsealed Connection System. This is the first through-hole, single- to multi-bay hybrid connector system to meet industry-standard automotive footprints.

A sampling of Molex’s stAK50 Unsealed Connection System. (Image source: Molex)

This product was designed with the following in mind:

  1. Quick design times—anticipating the customers’ requests by knowing the trends in order to predict what manufacturers will ultimately require of the products for faster design times and design flexibility.
  2. Easy, reliable production—meeting the customers’ non-negotiable demands for reliability. Quality products save time and money by avoiding shutdowns, repeat labor and unsafe environments.
  3. Inexpensive manufacturing—knowing the customers’ needs by recognizing that they want economical products to minimize costs and maximize profits.

As a result, stAK50h unsealed connectors offer these advantages to meet manufacturing requirements that include eliminating custom tooling, providing simple mating assembly and offering a one-stop-solution.

Eliminating the need for custom tooling- quick design times

Manufacturers experience faster design changes and greater design flexibility with the stackable nature of the stAK50h connectors. Color-coded housing supports visual polarization, which allows easy connection and eliminates the need for custom tooling. The stackable connection system reduces the engineering and validation time. USCAR compliance enables faster time-to-market.

Simple mating and assembly—easy, reliable production

Customers experience fewer quality issues and see improved assembly production with stAK50h connectors. The unsealed connection system provides headers and receptacles that are color-matched to enable quick identification and easy assembly. These connectors also offer connector position assurance (CPA) for proper mating.

One-stop-solution—inexpensive manufacturing

With stAK50h, customers reap the benefits of a one-stop-solution supplier, including minimized administrative costs, easier ordering and fewer issues with coordination efforts. The stAK50h system offers a range of 12- to 56-circuit receptacles that can be used in applications from low-current-signal (5.0 A) to high-power applications (30.0 A).

The Molex Advantage

During these uncertain times, Molex understands why having a manufacturer’s perspective is the best approach for offering an excellent product to its customers. A first-rate product offers a full package option with reliability, speed and low cost. All three are necessary for customer satisfaction. Visit and learn more about the stAK50h Unsealed Connection System and how it offers a quality package deal for maximum benefits with design flexibility, reliability and cost savings.

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Scott Marceau joined Molex as a Design Engineer in 2003. He has been a Product Manager since 2013. He is in the Transportation design center in Rochester Hills, MI. This permits real-time support to design teams which streamlines new product launches and further allows for support to Molex customers. Scott is currently the Product Manager for the stAK50h product line.

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