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How many times have we found ourselves doing some repetitive, menial task and wishing there were a way to automate the process? It’s no different in the business world, where the company that best utilizes technology to ease the workload of its employees is the company that finds the most success. Technology is in no way short of solutions for this type of problem.

For example, some of us might remember the days when Kirby vacuums were the latest thing, and door-to-door salesmen went around trying to convince people this is what they need to make cleaning easier and better. Now, technology has provided a way around this menial task of vacuuming all together with devices like the iRobot, which are capable of vacuuming your entire house while you are away.

Now, this is not to say that the solution is everyone would just design themselves an iRobot to do all of their menial tasks for them, but to announce that, if one were looking for the opportunity, the process to automation has been made much easier by Monnit Corporation. They have designed a slew of sensor kits which include a broad range of sensor types including humidity, temperature, motion, and more. These sensors can be set up quickly and easily to communicate with the cellular/Ethernet gateway contained in the kit.

This might beg the question, how has Monnit Corporation made this process so much easier? Well, they have taken several different sensors as mentioned before and packaged them up in a complete and aesthetically pleasing package, as pictured above. When one is working with sensors, which are a central part to any automation system, one needs to know how to communicate with said sensors. Monnit has also simplified this part of the process by assembling the gateway that is included in each kit. The setup of the gateway and sensors on is so quick and easy the whole system can be up and running within 15 minutes. Step-by-step instructions are also included with the kit.

Monnit Corporation is not the only company to have ventured into this market. Other companies such as Broadcom Limited, Multi-Tech Systems, Allegro MicroSystems, and others have made attempts as well. Monnit Corporation stands out above the rest because of the ease of the setup process. The whole system setup process is done on; there is no programming required and SIM cards are even included so that as soon as the sensors are linked to the gateway and the thresholds are set, notifications can be sent via email and/or text message. Digi-Key carries the entire Monnit collection. Check out all the different options available on


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