- Monnit Corporation was established to capitalize on the emerging trend of connecting to, monitoring, and controlling machines and other “things” in our environment. Its background in technology creation, manufacturing, marketing, and sales provide them with the talents and skills needed to establish the foundation to be THE low cost wireless sensor partner of choice. Unique to Monnit is their belief that automated phone systems are “evil.” There is a rule within the company called “The Three Ring Rule.” It means when a call is placed to Monnit, the phone will not ring more than three times before a live person answers the phone. It might be the shipping clerk, it might be an engineer, it might even be the CEO initially spoken to, but a human will answer.

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ALTA Enterprise Grade IoT Solutions

Monnit’s ALTA IoT Solutions enable “things” to speak. Wireless sensors, gateways and software give a voice to the IoT (Internet of Things). Learn More

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Make IoT Part of Your Small Business

Keeping track of your business assets is a full-time job. Using the Internet of Things, you can can secure, track and optimize your operations in real-time.

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