Marlow Mini-Harvester and Linear Tech Eval Board

Green is the color of the day. Everyone is looking for the most organic, most efficient, most economical, most environmentally friendly options to drive their world. The world is now concerned about the environment and global warming and trying to move more toward the use of renewable energy.

If you’re on board with this type of thinking and don’t know where to start, check out the Linear Technology DC2042A evaluation board for evaluation of piezoelectric, thermoelectric, and solar cell energy harvesters, as well as diode voltage drop harvesting. We’ve paired this with the Marlow TEG Mini-Harvester EHA-PA1AN1-R03 for a demo on just how they work together. These two devices paired together make a great place to start with energy harvesting. The board will take the input voltage of any of these harvesters and provide a regulated output voltage of 3.3 VDC.

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