Klein VDV226-110 Pass-Thru Modular Crimper

Modular crimping is something that should be relatively easy, yet even professional installers seem to have trouble at times. Traditionally when installing modular connectors, the installer would cut the cable and strip back the outer jacket the recommended distance. The problem with this is the individual wires are rarely cut flush with one another. When the cable is inserted into the connector, unevenly cut wires are either partially terminated or not terminated at all, making a bad connection at best.

Klein Tools VDV226-110 (1742-1262-ND) Pass-Thru Crimper solves that problem by trimming the wires while pressing the IDC terminals in to place. Traditional modular connectors have a closed end. Klein’s Pass-Thru series of modular connectors allow the installer to run the wires wild, thus ensuring proper connectivity to all 8 wires.

To see the New Product Discovery with Randall Restle where he introduces the Klein Tools Pass-Thru Crimper, click here.

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