Cirrus Logic and Alexa - A Perfect Match

AI assistants are the new thing. They are popping up everywhere. Apple has Siri, Microsoft has Cortana, and Amazon has Alexa. Microsoft and Apple started their AI in their phones and computers, but Amazon started Alexa with the Echo. As they expand their Echo line, they are looking for more solutions to put Alexa in more devices. The normal Amazon Echo has seven microphones on it, but that is too many for smaller handheld personal devices. Cirrus Logic has jumped in with their own solution to this. Cirrus Logic’s Voice Capture Device Capture Kit for Amazon Alexa Voice Service is a simple two-microphone solution. It is still able to do noise cancellation and pick out voice commands, but only having two mics makes it much easier to get into smaller devices. Cirrus Logic has opened up a whole new market for the Amazon Alexa.

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