NXP i.MX RT Series – Bridging the gap between applications processors and microcontrollers l First Look Series

Welcome to First Look, brought to you by DigiKey and NXP. The i.MX RT Series from NXP is based on an Arm Cortex-M core with real-time operation, and is the industry’s first crossover processor, bridging the gap between the performance of low power applications processors and high performance MCU-level usability all at an affordable price. NXP’s i.MX RT Series crossover processor delivers the highest possible compute performance—a performance that’s higher than any other Cortex-M7 product. In addition to a 20 nanosecond interrupt latency and low dynamic power consumption, it also offers a high level of security thanks to AES-128, high assurance boot, and execution from encrypted Flash. When used in a smart connected IoT product, the i.MX RT Series delivers tailored functionality and performance, due to its highly integrated nature. It offers a comprehensive multimedia platform, which enables customers to design advanced GUIs and HMIs, supported by a 2D graphics acceleration engine, parallel camera sensor interface, and an LCD display controller. The i.MX RT Series from NXP not only boasts integration improvements and an increase in performance, but also facilitates an ease-of-use for MCU customers. The time, cost, and complexity risks to the product development cycle by switching to a higher level operating system can potentially be avoided entirely. Customers can reap the i.MX RT Series’ benefits, and still leverage their current tool chain. The MCUXpresso SDK is an extensive software suite designed to streamline application development with NXP’s i.MX RT crossover processors and other Arm Cortex-M core-based microcontrollers. The MCUXpresso SDK includes robust peripheral drivers, stacks, and middleware, as well as reference software, and more. Customers can also take advantage of rapid and easy prototyping via Free RTOS, SDK, ARM mbed, and the global ARM ecosystem, as well as faster development by means of the low-cost evaluation kit and single voltage input, which simplifies power circuit design. See you next time on First Look.

9/19/2019 1:45:46 PM

Part List

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
I.MXRT1050MIMXRT1052DVL6AI.MXRT10501037 - ImmediateView Details
I.MXRT1050MIMXRT1052CVL5AI.MXRT1050189 - ImmediateView Details
I.MXRT1050 A1MIMXRT1051DVL6BI.MXRT1050 A1319 - ImmediateView Details
I.MXRT1050 A1MIMXRT1052DVL6BI.MXRT1050 A1480 - ImmediateView Details
I.MXRT1050 A1MIMXRT1051CVL5BI.MXRT1050 A1143 - ImmediateView Details
I.MXRT1050 A1MIMXRT1052CVL5BI.MXRT1050 A13223 - ImmediateView Details
I.MXRT1020 100LQFPMIMXRT1021CAF4AI.MXRT1020 100LQFP338 - ImmediateView Details
I.MXRT1020 100LQFPMIMXRT1021DAF5AI.MXRT1020 100LQFP348 - ImmediateView Details
I.MXRT1020 144LQFPMIMXRT1021CAG4AI.MXRT1020 144LQFP0View Details
I.MXRT1020 144LQFPMIMXRT1021DAG5AI.MXRT1020 144LQFP0View Details
I.MX RT1020 EVAL BRDMIMXRT1020-EVKI.MX RT1020 EVAL BRD26 - ImmediateView Details
I.MXRT1050MIMXRT1051CVL5AI.MXRT10500View Details
I.MXRT1050MIMXRT1051DVL6AI.MXRT10500View Details
I.MXRT1062 MPU 196MAPBGAMIMXRT1062DVL6AI.MXRT1062 MPU 196MAPBGA459 - ImmediateView Details
I.MXRT1062 MPU 196MAPBGAMIMXRT1062CVL5AI.MXRT1062 MPU 196MAPBGA75 - ImmediateView Details
I.MX RT1060 EVAL BRDMIMXRT1060-EVKI.MX RT1060 EVAL BRD72 - ImmediateView Details
I.MXRT1051 MPU 196MAPBGAMIMXRT1051DVJ6BI.MXRT1051 MPU 196MAPBGA172 - ImmediateView Details
I.MXRT1052 MPU 196MAPBGAMIMXRT1052CVJ5BI.MXRT1052 MPU 196MAPBGA378 - ImmediateView Details