CUI Inc AMT Encoder Series – Another Geek Moment - View two demonstrations of CUI Inc’s AMT Encoder Series ruggedness. Visit to view all CUI products available at Digi-Key.

7/30/2014 7:22:22 PM

CUI Inc AMT Encoder Series – Another Geek Moment

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
AMT102-VENCODER PROG 16RES SW TTL RADIAL2200 - ImmediateView Details
AMT103-VENCODER PROG 16RES SW TTL AXIAL511 - ImmediateView Details
AMT112S-VKIT AMT112S ENCODER SINGLE RAD446 - ImmediateView Details
AMT113S-VKIT AMT113S ENCODER SINGLE AXIAL131 - ImmediateView Details
AMT112Q-VKIT AMT112Q ENCODER RADIAL598 - ImmediateView Details
AMT113Q-VKIT AMT113Q ENCODER AXIAL244 - ImmediateView Details
AMT313Q-VKIT AMT313Q COMM QUAD ENCODER1852 - ImmediateView Details
AMT203-VKIT AMT203 ABS SPI ENCODER1512 - ImmediateView Details
AMT312D-VKIT AMT312D COMM QUAD ENCODER270 - ImmediateView Details
AMT312S-VKIT AMT312S COMM SNG QUAD ENCODR541 - ImmediateView Details
AMT313S-VKIT AMT313S COMM SNG ENCODER151 - ImmediateView Details
AMT312Q-VKIT AMT312Q COMM QUAD ENCODER325 - ImmediateView Details
AMT312C-VKIT AMT312C COMM SNG QUAD ENCODR220 - ImmediateView Details
AMT112Q-V-0048PROG ENCODER 48 PPR0View Details
AMT112Q-V-0096PROG ENCODER 96 PPR0View Details
AMT112Q-V-0100PROG ENCODER 100 PPR0View Details
AMT112Q-V-0125PROG ENCODER 125 PPR0View Details
AMT112Q-V-0192PROG ENCODER 192 PPR0View Details
AMT112Q-V-0200PROG ENCODER 200 PPR0View Details
AMT112Q-V-0250PROG ENCODER 250 PPR0View Details