- Xeltek is the leading supplier of cost effective programming solution for memories, microcontrollers and programmable logic devices for engineering development to volume production. SuperPro programmers have the largest device support in the industry with 144 universal pin drivers. Xeltek is an expert in flexible volume manufacturing with Cluster Programming technology. Cluster programmers have the flexibility to expand from 1-15+ programming units. Cluster Programming also adds the flexibility of repairing a unit without shutting down the entire line.


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SuperPro IS01 Programmer

Xeltek's SuperPro IS01 is an in-system programmer designed for industrial on-board programming. Its software runs on Linux system. Learn More

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Installing SuperPro 5000

This is a tutorial video that shows how to install SuperPro 5000 series software on your computer.

SuperBOT-I Demo

SuperBOT; the first automated handler of Xeltek, is programming MCU for a house appliances company. The programmer can generate up to 1500 throughput.

Device Search Tool Demo

This video demonstrates how easy it is to check device part numbers by using Xeltek device search tool. To access the device search tool, please check the following link:

SuperPro 501s Clustering

This unique clustering idea was first offered by Xeltek many years ago. This video basically explains how create a concurrently working Gang programmer out of clustering 4 units of single socket SuperPro 501S stand-alone programmers

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