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Image of SimpleChips' 1,200V High Side Switch 16SCT100

1,200V High Side Switch 16SCT100

SimpleChips 1,200V 15A half-bridge high-side switch features low Rds On, low voltage control lines in a small TO-263 package.


CL1A/CL2A Temperature Compensated Unipolar Current Regulators

The CL1A/CL2A are versatile 5 mA to 20mA current regulators operating from 6V to 250V w/ temp coefficient optimized over -40°C to +125°C.


2-Ch Rad-Hard Residual Current Device (RCD) 15SCT000C

The 15SCT000C is a flexible dual channels circuit sensing line imbalance and ground faults in industrial RCD and RCBO apps.

About SimpleChips

SimpleChips Technology is a global provider of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for medical, industrial and military applications. Their mission is to provide simple and cost-effective semiconductor solutions for complex real-world applications ranging from tailor-made custom solutions to off-the-shelf application specific standard solutions. Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, SimpleChips Technology offers dependable deliveries, outstanding quality and direct technical support.