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Image of Silicon Power's SSD300R (MLC)/SSD500R Series (pSLC) SSD350R/MDC350R Series (3D TLC)

SSD300R Series (MLC), SSD500R Series (pSLC), SSD350R/MDC350R Series (3D TLC)

SP Industrial SSD with selected controller and NAND offers wide-temp solution for harsh outdoor environments.

Image of Silicon Power's MDA350S Series/ MDB350S Series/ MDC350S Series

MDA350S Series, MDB350S Series, and MDC350S Series SSDs

SP Industrial SSD with full range of form factors to meet all of the different variations of embedded systems.

Image of Silicon Power's SDT330/SDT530 Series, SDT350/SDT550 Series

SDT330/530 Series and SDT350/550 Series microSD Cards

SP Industrial microSD card with resilient SPOR FW and SMART offers reliable edge storage for IoT and In-vehicle applications.

Image of Silicon Power's SDT730 Series

SDT730 Series

SP Industrial SLC microSD card with SMART IoT offers high endurance storage for small file event log applications.

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About Silicon Power

Since 2003, Silicon Power has become a trusted service-driven provider of NAND Flash storage and DRAM modules for industrial applications. With a focus on in-house design, they develop SMART IoT, chip-sorting technology, customized FW, and testing procedures under a strict project management system and in accordance with the NPI process. SP maintains competitive edge by understanding key design concerns for their customers and tailoring products to make the best possible solutions. With dedicated in-house manufacturing, Silicon Power produces under comprehensive testing and traceability management.

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