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Silicon Motion

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Automotive Storage Solutions

Silicon Motion provides reliable and high performance automotive grade storage solutions, including SSD, eMMC and UFS controllers, as well as FerriSSD, Ferri-eMMC and Ferri-UFS single-chip solutions for in-vehicle infotainment, navigation, ADAS, DVR, and autonomous driving applications. Silicon Motion’s automotive storage solutions are fabricated in TSMC’s automotive-qualified wafer production process and meet AEC-Q100 and ASPICE qualifications. With SR-IOV support, full end-to-end data path protection and extended temperature support, Silicon Motion’s automotive storage solutions provide high reliability and data integrity.

Image of Silicon Motion FerriSSD

Embedded Boot SSD Solutions

Silicon Motion’s FerriSSD was developed to satisfy the unique and demanding requirements of boot SSDs in embedded applications. In order to meet uncompromising boot SSD performance specifications, FerriSSDs incorporate unique technologies that enhance the data integrity, longevity and price / performance of boot SSDs, including end-to-end data path protection, NANDXtend, IntelligentScan, DataRefresh and Hybrid Zone.

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Graphics Display SoCs

Silicon Motion’s new Graphics Display SoC enables high performance single as well as multiple displays at 4K ultra high definition through PCIe, USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi interfaces. Target applications include embedded PCIe graphics, USB display docking station/adapters, USB monitors, zero/thin clients, point-of-sales terminals, wireless displays, digital signage, video conferencing systems, etc. Silicon Motion’s Graphics Display SoC can connect to a host through PCI-Express or an integrated USB 3.0 interface incorporating our Content Adaptive Technology (CAT). CAT uses adaptive algorithms to compress content for delivery through USB or a network.

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About Silicon Motion

Silicon Motion is the global leader in developing NAND Flash controllers for SSDs and other solid-state storage devices. They have over 20 years of experience developing specialized processor ICs that manage NAND components and deliver market-leading, high-performance storage solutions widely used in smartphones, PCs, data centers, and commercial and industrial applications. They have one of the broadest portfolios of controller intellectual properties developed from their deep understanding of NAND characteristics, which enables them to design both unique, highly optimized configurable ICs plus related firmware controller platforms and complete turnkey controller solutions.

They are one of the world's leading merchant supplier of SSD controllers used in PCs and other client devices and leading merchant supplier of eMMC/UFS controllers used in smartphones and IoT devices. They also leverage controller expertise to supply customized high-capacity specialty SSD solutions for the Chinese hyperscale data center market and small single-chip form-factor SSDs for high-performance industrial, commercial, and automotive applications. They market their controllers under the SMI brand, enterprise-grade SSDs under the Shannon Systems brand, and single-chip industrial-grade SSDs under the Ferri SSD and Ferri-eMMC brands. Silicon Motion was founded in 1995 in San Jose, California and now operates from corporate offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the US.