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Power Architect™ 5 reduces engineering time and effort in power system bring-up
Design 10A, 15A or 20A DC/DC converters in seven simple steps
XRUSB1 software driver simplifies legacy COM port support for USB UARTs in Windows
PowerXR Capacitor Optimization
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10 minutes
MxL7704 Five Output Universal Power Management IC
Basic introduction to the MxL7704, highlighting features and benefits, voltage and sequencing specifics, and basic operational features.
8 minutes
PowerBlox Family of Voltage Regulators
Learn about MaxLinear's family of synchronous buck regulators comprised of the controller, drivers, bootstrap diode, and MOSFETs in a single package for point-of-load supplies.
15 minutes
Part 1: PowerXR Digital Power Controllers
A review of switching regulator control as it applies to the PowerXR products.
15 minutes
Part 2: Switching Regulator Control
The second in a five part series regarding the Power XR programmable power products at MaxLinear.
15 minutes
Part 3: Digital Details of the XRP7714 Family
The third installment in a series about MaxLlinear's PowerXR Digital Power Controllers.
15 minutes
Part 4: Digital Control Loop Design
In this fourth segment of a five part series, MaxLinear discusses the details of the PowerXR digital control loop.
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MaxLinear is a leading provider of radio frequency (RF), analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for connected home, wired and wireless infrastructure, industrial and multimarket applications.