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- Link Labs is a leading innovator in low-power, wide-area (LPWA) network technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT). Link Labs' Symphony Link provides best-in-class long-range, low cost, low power connectivity and a complete end-to-end IoT solution. Link Labs offers a complete line of transceiver modules, repeaters, gateways and base stations. These devices are FCC certified for operation in the 915 MHz ISM band and ETSI certified for use in the 868 MHz band but are capable of licensed or unlicensed deployment from 137 MHz-1020 MHz.

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Verizon LTE CAT-M1 Module and Evaluation Board

Link Labs' LTE Cat-M1 (LTE-M) is the answer to enterprise-grade nationwide IoT coverage. Learn More

USB Development Board

The Symphony Link Evaluation Board from Link Labs can be used for point-to-point communications and initial sensitivity assessments. Learn More

Symphony Link™ 8-Channel Gateway

This industrial-grade LPWA, LoRa gateway from Link Labs is a multiprotocol, large-scale connectivity platform for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) seeking fast time to market. Learn More

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Getting Started with the Link Labs Evaluation Board

Learn the basics of using the Link Labs Symphony Link LoRa Evaluation Board.

Setting up your Link Labs Gateway

Learn how to configure the Symphony Link Lora gateway, using WiFi.

Using the Link Labs Network Tester

Learn how to use the Symphony Link LoRa Network Tester from Link Labs.

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