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Image of LabJack's Educational Use

Educational Use

LabJack's EB37 is designed to test and validate electronic designs. It offers different power supply rail voltages and breaks out LabJack I/O right next to the design.

Image of LabJack's Industrial Applications

U6 Series USB Multifunction DAQ

LabJack's U6 series devices are ideal for applications such as lab research, industrial control and monitoring, and prototype development.

Image of LabJack's OEM Integration

OEM Integration

LabJack's T Series with an OEM form-factor are designed for easy customization of the connection ports with pin-headers for integration into larger systems.

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About LabJack

LabJack makes USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi based measurement and automation devices which provide analog and digital inputs and outputs. Their products help users monitor and control projects and applications from their own PC or mobile phone. In that way, a LabJack device serves as a bridge between the real world and the virtual one. In 2001, LabJack was started by engineers and credit cards in a Colorado garage.