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Image of Jacob EMC Cable Glands

EMC Protection

Jacob offers 3 different types of EMC cable glands for cables with shielding. To protect from interference and to ensure trouble-free operation of electrical appliances.

Image of Jacob WADI Cable Glands

Solutions for Extreme Conditions

The WADI cable gland family covers a wide range of functionality. WADI heat can stand up to +200 °C (392 °F) while WADI rail works in icy temperatures down to -60 °C /-76 °F and under a pressure of up to 15 bar.

Image of Jacob Moisture Protection Enclosures

Protection for Enclosures

Protect IP67 / IP68 enclosures against negative pressure, high humidity and condensation water with a Jacob venting element JDAE. Or use the breather T302 for enclosures up to IP65 for drainage.

About Jacob

Jacob GmbH is a leading manufacturer of cable entry systems and accessories with a workforce of 200 people. The Jacob brand remains synonymous with quality, reliability, and safety. Its products are found in almost every industry sector, whether it is mechanical and plant engineering, control cabinet construction, and building technology, or energy supply, transport, and traffic. Jacob products satisfy the highest standards in relation to impermeability, mechanical stability, and resistance to temperature and weather conditions. With over 6,000 products in its product range, Jacob can offer a solution to almost any requirement concerning cable insertion and sealing. Its solutions range from standard components to fully customized systems.