AnDAPT™, Inc.

- AnDAPT, Inc. is revolutionizing power management with its innovative On-Demand Power Management Solution, offering customers unprecedented ability to build and customize power management solutions in either days or hours. AnDAPT solutions accelerate time to market and offer flexibility for rapid changes, keeping pace with user design requirements. All this is provided while maintaining a competitive advantage for lower device cost, board real estate reduction, lower-power, and analog/digital function integration. A privately held, fabless power semiconductor company, AnDAPT, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets On-Demand Power Management Solutions.

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WebAmP Development Software Basic Tutorial

AnDAPT provides the WebAmP™ development tools to create on-demand power management devices, along with an ever-growing library of Power Components. The tools are powerful, yet easy-to-use, graphical and cloud-based.

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