Getting Started

What You’ll Need Before You Start

  1. Gerber Files for your project
  2. Be a Digi-Key registered user
  3. Project specifications
    1. Board size
    2. Finish type
    3. Copper weight
    4. Solder mask color
    5. Build time and shipping time

What You Can Expect - Process of Ordering a PCB with Digi-Key

  1. Upload Gerber Files.
  2. Review and validate your board design in the PCB viewer.
  3. Provide your PCB order preferences.
  4. Select an estimate from multiple board houses.
  5. If you’re browsing as a guest, you will be asked to log in or register.
  6. Your board selections will appear as a single line item in the Digi-Key cart and will follow the standard Digi-Key checkout process.
  7. The board house will contact you regarding any questions or to resolve any minor issues during production. You will receive a shipment notification from Digi-Key once production is complete and your order is on its way.

Prepare Order

  • Upload Gerber Files
  • Inspect with PCB Viewer
  • Select Board Options

Place Order

  • Choose a Bid from Multiple Board Houses
  • Login to MyDIGIKEY
  • Add Order to Shopping Cart

Receive Board

  • Communication with Board House
  • Board House Accepts Order
  • Board Ships

Optimizing the Upload and Ordering Process

Perform the following to minimize errors during the upload and ordering process:

Electrical verification

  • Verify component connection to appropriate nets.
  • Run ERC on schematic.

Board layout verification

  • Run and verify the DRC rules that meet or exceed the minimum capabilities of the PCB manufacturer.
  • Verify footprints against the manufacturer’s recommended layout.
  • Verify copper pours and planes are filled.


  • Check component-to-component spacing.
  • Check soldermask-to-pad spacings.

Output Files

  • Verify all output files are in the correct format (Gerber 274X and Excellon Drill file).
  • Verify one Gerber Files per layer (typically one per copper layer, two solder mask, two silk screen, and one board edge).
  • If available, preview Gerber Files with a viewer to verify stackup.

Standard Board House Specifications

Royal Circuits Advance Circuits Precision Circuit Board DK Red
Min Board Length
Inch (mm)
2 (50.8) 0.75 (19.0) 1 (25.4) 0.5 (12.7)
Min Board Width
Inch (mm)
2 (50.8) 0.75 (19.0) 1 (25.4) 0.5 (12.7)
Max Board Length
Inch (mm)
22 (558.8) 10 (254.0) 24 (609.6) 22 (558.8)
Max Board Width
Inch (mm)
16 (406.4) 10 (254.0) 18 (457.2) 16 (406.4)
Min Trace Space
mil (mm)
5 mil (0.127) 5 mil (0.127) 5 mil (0.127) 5 mil (0.127)
Min Trace Width
mil (mm)
5 mil (0.127) 5 mil (0.127) 5 mil (0.127) 5 mil (0.127)
Min Hole Size
mil (mm)
8 mil (.0203) 3 mil (0.076) 8 mil (.0203) 8 mil (.0203)
More Information https://www.royal