Image of ROHM's BD9E303EFJ-LBE2

Designing Buck Switching Regulators with Integrated Power MOSFET for Industrial Applications

ROHM Semiconductor

This module will provide an overview of ROHM’s offered solution and its advantages in the industrial market. It will also provide insight regarding typical application circuit and external components required to make any design successful based on these industrial DC/DC switching regulators.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFunctionAvailable QuantityView Details
BD9E303EFJ-LBE2 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 3A SYNC 8HTSOPBD9E303EFJ-LBE2IC REG BUCK ADJ 3A SYNC 8HTSOPStep-Down7952 - Immediate
BD9E303EFJ-LBE2 product page link
BD9A101MUV-LBE2 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 1A SYNCBD9A101MUV-LBE2IC REG BUCK ADJ 1A SYNCStep-Down2880 - Immediate
BD9A101MUV-LBE2 product page link
BD9A301MUV-LBE2 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 3A SYNC 16VQFNBD9A301MUV-LBE2IC REG BUCK ADJ 3A SYNC 16VQFNStep-Down2890 - Immediate
BD9A301MUV-LBE2 product page link
BD9B301MUV-LBE2 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 3A SYNC 16VQFNBD9B301MUV-LBE2IC REG BUCK ADJ 3A SYNC 16VQFNStep-Down2857 - Immediate
BD9B301MUV-LBE2 product page link
BD9E300EFJ-LBE2 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 2.5A SYNC 8HTSOPBD9E300EFJ-LBE2IC REG BUCK ADJ 2.5A SYNC 8HTSOPStep-Down2015 - Immediate
BD9E300EFJ-LBE2 product page link
BD9E301EFJ-LBE2 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 2.5A SYNC 8HTSOPBD9E301EFJ-LBE2IC REG BUCK ADJ 2.5A SYNC 8HTSOPStep-Down1474 - Immediate
BD9E301EFJ-LBE2 product page link
BD9E101FJ-EVK-001 datasheet linkEVAL BOARD BD9E101FJBD9E101FJ-EVK-001EVAL BOARD BD9E101FJ1, Non-Isolated6 - Immediate
BD9E101FJ-EVK-001 product page link
BD9E300EFJ-EVK-001 datasheet linkEVAL BOARD BD9E300EFJBD9E300EFJ-EVK-001EVAL BOARD BD9E300EFJ1, Non-Isolated7 - Immediate
BD9E300EFJ-EVK-001 product page link
BD9E301EFJ-EVK-001 datasheet linkEVAL BOARD BD9E301EFJBD9E301EFJ-EVK-001EVAL BOARD BD9E301EFJ1, Non-Isolated4 - Immediate
BD9E301EFJ-EVK-001 product page link
BD9C301FJ-EVK-001 datasheet linkEVAL BOARD BD9C301FJBD9C301FJ-EVK-001EVAL BOARD BD9C301FJ1, Non-Isolated8 - Immediate
BD9C301FJ-EVK-001 product page link
BD9C301FJ-LBGH2 datasheet link4.5V TO 18V INPUT, 3.0A INTEGRATBD9C301FJ-LBGH24.5V TO 18V INPUT, 3.0A INTEGRATSurface Mount437 - Immediate
BD9C301FJ-LBGH2 product page link
BD9E101FJ-LBGE2 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 1A SYNC 8SOPBD9E101FJ-LBGE2IC REG BUCK ADJ 1A SYNC 8SOPStep-Down615 - Immediate
BD9E101FJ-LBGE2 product page link
BD9E100FJ-LBGE2 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 1A SYNC 8SOPBD9E100FJ-LBGE2IC REG BUCK ADJ 1A SYNC 8SOPStep-Down498 - Immediate
BD9E100FJ-LBGE2 product page link
BD9E100FJ-EVK-001 datasheet linkEVAL BOARD BD9E100FJBD9E100FJ-EVK-001EVAL BOARD BD9E100FJ1, Non-Isolated5 - Immediate
BD9E100FJ-EVK-001 product page link
BD9A101MUV-EVK-001 datasheet link2.7V TO 5.5V INPUT, 1A INTEGRATEBD9A101MUV-EVK-0012.7V TO 5.5V INPUT, 1A INTEGRATE 2 - Immediate
BD9A101MUV-EVK-001 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2017-12-01