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Raspberry Pi Getting the Pi Up and Running Part 2 of 2

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Raspberry Pi

Welcome to the Digi-Key Electronics Getting the Pi up and Running – Part 2 of 2 product training module.  This presentation will provide users with a continuation of part 1 and will focus on commands and structures to get the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B to the point where the user can begin working on projects. It will review the commands and show screenshots to explain and implement the completion of the basic Raspberry Pi setup.

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Part List

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionUsageConvert From (Adapter End)Convert To (Adapter End)Available QuantityView Details
TTL-232R-RPI datasheet linkCABLE USB-SERIAL RASPBERRYPITTL-232R-RPICABLE USB-SERIAL RASPBERRYPIUSB to UART, Raspberry Pi (RPi)USB - A, PlugSingle Pole, 3 Female Sockets4476 - Immediate
TTL-232R-RPI product page link
2310 datasheet linkPERMA-PROTO HAT FOR PI MINI KIT2310PERMA-PROTO HAT FOR PI MINI KITRaspberry PiProtoboardPlated Through Hole320 - Immediate
2310 product page link
2028 datasheet linkBREAKOUT PI PLUS/CBL B+/A+/PI 22028BREAKOUT PI PLUS/CBL B+/A+/PI 2Raspberry PiConnectivityBreakout Board159 - Immediate
2028 product page link
2258 datasheet linkBOX POLYCARBONATE SMOKE 3.7X2.5"2258BOX POLYCARBONATE SMOKE 3.7X2.5"CaseRaspberry Pi B+, 2B, 3B, 3B+3.661" L x 2.480" W (93.00mm x 63.00mm)121 - Immediate
2258 product page link
2348 datasheet linkDC STEP MTR HAT FOR RASPBERRY PI2348DC STEP MTR HAT FOR RASPBERRY PIRaspberry PiPower ManagementMotor Controller/Driver68 - Immediate
2348 product page link
103030029 datasheet linkRASPBERRY PI RELAY BOARD V1.0103030029RASPBERRY PI RELAY BOARD V1.0Raspberry PiRelayElectromechanical19 - Immediate
103030029 product page link
103990079 datasheet linkARDUINO ADAPTER FOR RASPBERRY PI103990079ARDUINO ADAPTER FOR RASPBERRY PIRaspberry PiInterfaceArduino to Raspberry Pi16 - Immediate
103990079 product page link
9781457186240 datasheet linkRASPBERRY PI AND AVR PROJECTS9781457186240RASPBERRY PI AND AVR PROJECTSBookMAKE: Raspberry Pi and AVR ProjectsCefn Hoile, Clare Bowman, Sjoerd Dirk Meijer, Brian Corteil, Lauren Orsin16 - Immediate
9781457186240 product page link
1593HAMPI2BK datasheet linkBOX ABS BLACK 3.88"L X 2.74"W1593HAMPI2BKBOX ABS BLACK 3.88"L X 2.74"WCaseRaspberry Pi B+3.880" L x 2.736" W (98.54mm x 69.49mm)33 - Immediate
1593HAMPI2BK product page link
KIT-13791 datasheet linkACCESSORY KIT FOR RAPBERRY PI 2KIT-13791ACCESSORY KIT FOR RAPBERRY PI 2Starter KitRaspberry Pi 2Raspberry Pi HAT (40 pin)0KIT-13791 product page link
103990060 datasheet linkRASPBERRY PI B+ AD/DA EXPANSION103990060RASPBERRY PI B+ AD/DA EXPANSIONRaspberry PiData AcquisitionADC/DAC Module0103990060 product page link
105990009 datasheet linkRASPBERRY PI CAMERA MODULE105990009RASPBERRY PI CAMERA MODULERaspberry PiSensorCamera0105990009 product page link
9781457186127 datasheet linkGETTING STARTED W/RASPBERRY PI9781457186127GETTING STARTED W/RASPBERRY PIBookMAKE: Getting Started with Raspberry Pi (2nd Edition)Matt Richardson, Shawn Wallace09781457186127 product page link
9781449365226 datasheet linkRASPBERRY PI COOKBOOK9781449365226RASPBERRY PI COOKBOOKBookRaspberry Pi CookbookSimon Monk09781449365226 product page link
PTM Published on: 2016-08-12