Switching Power Supplies

EMI Regulations and Mitigation Considerations for Switching Power Supplies


This presentation examines the rules and regulations governing control of EMI, discusses types of noise generated by switching power supplies, and provides basic guidance for EMI mitigation, whether the power supply installed in other equipment as part of a larger system or designed for stand-alone applications.

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VSK-S3-5U datasheet linkCONVERTER AC-DC 5V@600MA 3W PCBVSK-S3-5UCONVERTER AC-DC 5V@600MA 3W PCB2250 - Immediate
VSK-S3-5U product page link
VSK-S3-3R3U datasheet linkCONV AC-DC 3.3V@700MA 2.3W PCBVSK-S3-3R3UCONV AC-DC 3.3V@700MA 2.3W PCB600 - Immediate
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VOF-10-12 datasheet linkPWR SUPPLY 10W OPEN 12V 0.83AVOF-10-12PWR SUPPLY 10W OPEN 12V 0.83A1730 - Immediate
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VOF-10-5 datasheet linkPWR SUPPLY 10W OPEN 5V 2.0AVOF-10-5PWR SUPPLY 10W OPEN 5V 2.0A301 - Immediate
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VOFM-5-5 datasheet linkPWR SUPPLY MED 5V 1.0A PCBVOFM-5-5PWR SUPPLY MED 5V 1.0A PCB556 - Immediate
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VOF-10-24 datasheet linkPWR SUPPLY 10W OPEN 24V 0.42AVOF-10-24PWR SUPPLY 10W OPEN 24V 0.42A201 - Immediate
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VOFM-5-18 datasheet linkPWR SUPPLY MED 18V 0.28A PCBVOFM-5-18PWR SUPPLY MED 18V 0.28A PCB96 - Immediate
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VSK-S3-9U datasheet linkCONVERTER AC-DC 9V@330MA 3W PCBVSK-S3-9UCONVERTER AC-DC 9V@330MA 3W PCB0VSK-S3-9U product page link
VOF-10-3.3 datasheet linkPWR SUPPLY 8W OPEN 3.3V 2.4AVOF-10-3.3PWR SUPPLY 8W OPEN 3.3V 2.4A0VOF-10-3.3 product page link
VOF-10-15 datasheet linkPWR SUPPLY 10W OPEN 15V 0.67AVOF-10-15PWR SUPPLY 10W OPEN 15V 0.67A0VOF-10-15 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2013-10-03