ENTRELEC Terminal Blocks

SNK Series, The Innovative Range

The innovative ENTRELEC SNK series terminal blocks by TE Connectivity are available in PI-Spring, screw clamp, and pluggable technology ranges with a wide variety of common accessories shared between products. Speed up your projects with up to a 90% reduction in mounting time for smart connections and higher productivity. Achieve simplified installation with designs that enable secure installation, error avoidance, zero need for retightening, faster accessory mounting, testing, and wiring. The ergonomic design allows you to optimize your logistics with eased panel manufacturing, common accessories and fewer part numbers, and significant productivity savings. The range of the terminal blocks is qualified for worldwide applications and harsh environments such as hazardous environments, railways, machinery, solar applications, and many more.



Din Rail

Terminal Blocks - Din Rail

Select from a wide variety of mounting rail options offering flexibility for fixings, materials, and terminal blocks.

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Conducting Accessories – Jumpers, Plugs, and Sockets

Terminal Blocks – Conducting Accessories – Jumpers, Plugs, and Sockets

  • Plugs offer size and fit design compatibility, simplified installation with quick plug-in mounting system, and a disconnect function with respective plugs.
  • Sockets come insulated, are offered in many colors for easy identification, and are compliant with standards.
  • Jumpers offer simple and secure operation with plug-in, isolated options.
  • Combined: ENTRELEC Conducting Accessories offer simple and secure installation, design compatibility, and different color options for easy identification.
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Insulating Accessories – Headers, Circuit Separators, Covers

Terminal Blocks – Insulating Accessories – Headers, Circuit Separators, Covers

Select end section, circuit separators, covers that are compatible with the SNK series Terminal Blocks

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Terminal Blocks - Accessories - Marker Strips

Select from a wide variety of blank or pre-marked markers to fulfill your SNK identification needs

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Strip Mounting & Retention Accessories

Terminal Block & Strip Mounting & Retention Accessories

ENTRELEC SNK Terminal Block accessories help ease installation and enable different product capabilities.

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Terminal Blocks – Specialized

TE offers custom ENTRELEC rail assembly services and terminal blocks for dedicated applications.

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Screw and Nut Drivers

Screw and Nut Drivers

Screwdrivers and nut drivers secure installation of terminal blocks and other accessories.

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