CGA Series MLCC Capacitors

TDK's CGA series multilayer ceramic chip capacitor is qualified to CDF-AEC-Q200 for automotive applications

Image of TDK Corporation's CGA Series MLCC CapacitorsTDK's CGA series multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs) are qualified to the automotive industry’s Q200 test standard. CGA parts are manufactured using a tested and stable manufacturing process. Parts are subjected to increased inspections to offer a higher level of reliability guarantee. The CGA family is available in general voltages up to 50 V, mid voltage up to 630 V, and high temperature up to 150°C.

TDK CGA series is an excellent choice for automotive applications as well as any application that requires a higher reliability. CGA is used in tough environment applications such as: when a product sits outdoors for the duration of the product life. Example applications include smart meters, smart grids, and base stations.

Features and Benefits Applications
  • Qualified to AEC Q200 standards
  • Product is manufactured using mature processes
  • Available up to 630 V rated voltage
  • Available up to 150ºC operating temperature
  • Part thickness and life test condition identified in part number
  • Automotive powertrain systems
  • Automotive underhood
  • Smart meters
  • Higher reliability/safety applications
  • Power supplies
  • Sensor modules

CGA Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusCapacitanceAvailable QuantityView Details
CGA2B3X7R1H473K050BB datasheet linkCAP CER 0.047UF 50V X7R 0402CGA2B3X7R1H473K050BBCAP CER 0.047UF 50V X7R 0402Active0.047µF579889 - Immediate
CGA2B3X7R1H473K050BB product page link
CGA1A2X7R1H471K030BA datasheet linkCAP CER 470PF 50V X7R 0201CGA1A2X7R1H471K030BACAP CER 470PF 50V X7R 0201Active470pF632978 - Immediate
CGA1A2X7R1H471K030BA product page link
CGA1A2X7R1A103K030BA datasheet linkCAP CER 10000PF 10V X7R 0201CGA1A2X7R1A103K030BACAP CER 10000PF 10V X7R 0201Active10000pF269616 - Immediate
CGA1A2X7R1A103K030BA product page link
CGA2B3X7R1V104K050BB datasheet linkCAP CER 0.1UF 35V X7R 0402CGA2B3X7R1V104K050BBCAP CER 0.1UF 35V X7R 0402Active0.1µF298046 - Immediate
CGA2B3X7R1V104K050BB product page link
CGA2B3X7R1H104K050BB datasheet linkCAP CER 0.1UF 50V X7R 0402CGA2B3X7R1H104K050BBCAP CER 0.1UF 50V X7R 0402Active0.1µF2871856 - Immediate
CGA2B3X7R1H104K050BB product page link
CGA2B3X8R1H103K050BB datasheet linkCAP CER 10000PF 50V X8R 0402CGA2B3X8R1H103K050BBCAP CER 10000PF 50V X8R 0402Active10000pF257127 - Immediate
CGA2B3X8R1H103K050BB product page link
CGA4J2X7R2A104K125AA datasheet linkCAP CER 0.1UF 100V X7R 0805CGA4J2X7R2A104K125AACAP CER 0.1UF 100V X7R 0805Active0.1µF47190 - Immediate
CGA4J2X7R2A104K125AA product page link
CGA2B1C0G2A102J050BC datasheet linkCAP CER 1000PF 100V C0G 0402CGA2B1C0G2A102J050BCCAP CER 1000PF 100V C0G 0402Active1000pF136681 - Immediate
CGA2B1C0G2A102J050BC product page link
CGA3E3X8R1H104K080AB datasheet linkCAP CER 0.1UF 50V X8R 0603CGA3E3X8R1H104K080ABCAP CER 0.1UF 50V X8R 0603Active0.1µF537965 - Immediate
CGA3E3X8R1H104K080AB product page link
CGA3E3X5R1H105K080AB datasheet linkCAP CER 1UF 50V X5R 0603CGA3E3X5R1H105K080ABCAP CER 1UF 50V X5R 0603Active1µF329852 - Immediate
CGA3E3X5R1H105K080AB product page link
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Published: 2013-07-02