Wake-On Sound Piezoelectric MEMS Microphone

PUI Audio's ZeroPower Listening™ piezoelectric MEMS microphone are designed for ultra-low power always listening solutions

Image of PUI Audio's Wake-On Sound Piezoelectric MEMS MicrophonePUI Audio’s PMM-3738-VM1010-R is a single-ended analog MEMS microphone with wake-on sound. The wake-on sound mode allows for detection of voice activity while consuming only 5 μA of supply current (9 μW of power). In wake-on sound mode, a sound in the vocal band above the level threshold instantly alerts a processor of an acoustic event. The processor (DSP or voice processor) then switches the PMM-3738-VM1010-R into normal mode, with full audio output within 100 microseconds. Fast enough for the microphone to capture the triggering sound and pass it along for processing. This is the system architecture for ZeroPower Listening.

Wake-on sound delivers voice activation to battery-powered voice-interface consumer devices, such as smart speakers, smart TV remote controls, smart headphones, and IoT smart home products, while drawing nearly zero power.

PUI Audio’s PMM-3738-VM1010-R, the first wake-on sound MEMS microphone, brings voice activation to battery-powered devices of all kinds. Drawing a scant 5 μA of current while in listening mode, PUI Audio’s newest piezoelectric MEMS microphone is the only device that uses sound energy itself to wake a system from full power-down.

The PMM-3738-VM1010-R features a configurable voice zone, allowing voice in a 5 foot to 20 foot radius-zone to trigger the system and increase to a higher-power mode. When the environment is quiet, the system can enter the low-power ”wake-on-sound” mode.

  • ZeroPower Listening technology
  • Full audio output on wake-up
  • Capable of voice detection with just 9 μW operating power
  • Extends battery life up to 10x
  • Dust and moisture resistant (IP test results pending)

Wake-On Sound MEMS Microphone

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MEMS PIEZO MICROPHONE -38 DB 1.8PMM-3738-VM1010-RMEMS PIEZO MICROPHONE -38 DB 1.82989 - ImmediateView Details

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Published: 2017-06-22