SMD Socket and Pin Connectors

Preci-Dip offers low-profile surface-mount socket and pin connectors for parallel mounting

Image of Preci-Dip's SMD Socket and Pin ConnectorsThe number of contacts for each connector is from 2 to 10 poles. This pair of Preci-Dip connectors is an optimal solution to connect and stack printed circuit boards. Both carriers are made of high- temperature plastic and maintain the position of the contacts during the soldering operation. Carrier is used as a pick-and-place cap, allowing automatic positioning on the PCB. Cap is not foreseen to be removed after soldering. Both connectors can be supplied either in bulk or in a tape-and-reel packaging. The challenge was to develop a connector that will be soldered on a minimum PCB surface.

Main advantages of this connector are its small size; it can be soldered from underneath with optimal connection between two PCBs, with technology using a BeCu clip with 500 cycles guaranteed. The maximum current rating is 3 Amps.

The pair of connectors (socket connector and pin header) has originally been designed and developed for a connection between two LED lighting strips. Each strip is equipped on one end with a 2-way socket connector and on the other end with a pin header. The LED lighting strips are stackable. For this application, a connector with SMD solder tails at the back of the connector was not possible due to space limitation. This type of connectors can be used in many other applications where a board-to-board connection is needed.

Socket and Pin Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector TypeContact TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
8FM-78-0002-02-278191 datasheet linkSMD SOCKET LOW PRO SINGLE ROW8FM-78-0002-02-278191SMD SOCKET LOW PRO SINGLE ROWSocketFemale Socket1687 - Immediate
8FM-78-0002-02-278191 product page link
8MM-11-0002-02-279191 datasheet linkCONN HDR 2POS 2.54MM SMD R/A8MM-11-0002-02-279191CONN HDR 2POS 2.54MM SMD R/AHeaderMale Pin799 - Immediate
8MM-11-0002-02-279191 product page link
8FM-78-0003-02-278191 datasheet linkSMD SOCKET LOW PRO SINGLE ROW8FM-78-0003-02-278191SMD SOCKET LOW PRO SINGLE ROWSocketFemale Socket08FM-78-0003-02-278191 product page link
8MM-11-0004-02-279191 datasheet linkCONN HDR 4POS 2.54MM SMD R/A8MM-11-0004-02-279191CONN HDR 4POS 2.54MM SMD R/AHeaderMale Pin08MM-11-0004-02-279191 product page link
8FM-78-0004-02-278191 datasheet linkSMD SOCKET LOW PRO SINGLE ROW8FM-78-0004-02-278191SMD SOCKET LOW PRO SINGLE ROWSocketFemale Socket08FM-78-0004-02-278191 product page link
8MM-11-0003-02-279191 datasheet linkCONN HDR 3POS 2.54MM SMD R/A8MM-11-0003-02-279191CONN HDR 3POS 2.54MM SMD R/AHeaderMale Pin08MM-11-0003-02-279191 product page link
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Published: 2013-09-05