Omron Temperature and Process Controllers

Omron has been an active innovator in temperature control since introducing its first temperature controller in 1967. Now temperature control has taken a giant leap forward with Omron's next generation of controllers which sets new global standards in the crucial areas of precision, user friendly features and control performance.

Basic Temperature Controllers

Where simple, discrete temperature control and monitoring are required, our E5C2 or E5CSV controllers offer the best solution. The units offer basic control functionality: temperature alarm, simple ON/OFF control or single-loop PID control.

E5C2 - Easy-to-use, basic temperature controller with analogue dial setting

E5C2 Product Page Datasheet Button E5C2 Basic Temperature Controllers

Omron's basic ON/OFF or PD controller features an analogue setting dial. This compact, low-cost controller has a setting accuracy of 2% of full scale. It incorporates a plug-in socket allowing for DIN-rail or flush mounting.

  • Compact, cost-effective controller
  • Control mode: ON/OFF or PD
  • Control output: relay
  • Power supply: 100-120 / 200-240VAC
  • Thermocouple K: 0 to 1200°C, L: 0 to 400°C, Pt100: -50 to 200°C

E5CSV - The easy way to perfect temperature control

E5CSV Product Page Datasheet Button E5CSV Basic Temperature Controllers

This multi-range 1/16 DIN controller with alarm function offers field-selectable PID control or ON/OFF control. The large, single display shows process value, direction of deviation from set point, output and alarm status.

  • All setting field configurable with switches
  • Multi-input (Thermocouple/Pt100)
  • Clearly visible 3.5-digit display with character height of 13.5mm
  • Control output: relay, voltage (for driving SSR)
  • ON/OFF or 2-PID control with auto-tuning and self-tuning

Temperature and Process Controllers

For the majority of control applications, you will usually find the ideal solution in our E5_C controller series. Available with multi-functional inputs, these instruments offer reliable single-loop regulation. For more universal and process applications we offer you the E5_N-H(T) series. Advanced applications can be solved with our E5_R series controllers.

E5_C - Compact and intelligent general-purpose controllers

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The next generation E5_C temperature controller series is setting a new standard in terms of regulation performance easy set-up and outstanding visibility. With 3 (4) AUX outputs on board and other useful features, these slim case controllers (depth = 60mm) are fit for purpose.

  • Easy to set-up without power supply and operate intuitively via CX-Thermo software
  • Fast and precise regulation: 50ms sampling loop period time
  • Best contrast display using white LCD technology which is visible from a far distance and from any angle
  • Useful alarm and diagnosis functions for secure operations 

E5_N-H - Universal digital process controllers

E5_N-H Product Page Datasheet Button Learn More E5_N-H Universal digital process controllers

The new E5_N-H series takes the proven E5_N features to the next level of process control. The N-H-series (E5CN-H, E5EN-H and E5AN-H) has the same ease of installation and operation with the same menu structure as the E5_N series. The E5_N-H has improved accuracy, speed and process control features.

  • Same Menu structure as E5_N
  • Fast (60ms) and Accurate (0,1%PV)
  • Universal inputs & modular outputs
  • Setpoint profile programmers (8x32 segments)
  • Valve Control

E5_N-HT - Advanced High Performance Temperature and Process Controllers

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Ramp/Soak temperature & process controllers add a wide variety of applications that can be handled by using program settings with up to 256 segments.

  • Set up to 8 program patterns with 32 segments each
  • Preventive maintenance for relays in the temperature controller using a control output on/off counter 
  • Flexible logic operations (AND, OR, and Delays) with contact outputs set from CX-Thermo software 

Temperature Sensors for Standard Applications

E52 - A Wide Variety of High-Precision Temperature Sensors

E52 Product Page Datasheet Button E52 Temperature Sensors for Standard Applications

E52 temperature sensors and thermocouples provide accurate temperature sensing for standard and challenging environments and include a wide range of mounting and connection options. For best control results, the E52 series is optimized to operate perfectly with suitable E5_ temperature controllers.

  • Thermocouples and PT100 elements (RTD)
  • Wide range of housing, mounting and connection options
  • Best performance match with temperature controllers from the E5_ portfolio