mEZ DC/DC Plug-and-Play Power Module Solutions

Eliminate design work with plug-and-play power module solutions from MPS

Image of MPS mEZ DC/DC Plug and Play Power Module SolutionsMPS Monolithic Power Systems launches its mEZ DC/DC plug-and-play power module solutions which eliminate the need for design work. Plug the solution into the board and it is ready to use. Using proprietary monolithic technology processes, mEZ products provide 3% to 5% higher efficiency, up to 40% reduced package size, and inherently cost-effective, configurable, and scalable power solutions for DC/DC step-down, step-up, PoE, and USB charger applications, with pre-programmed output voltage options available.

mEZ solutions offer a wide product family selection to meet customer design requirements. The step-up products offer wide VIN operation ranges: 2.7 V to 15 V, with 1 A to 3 A output current. The step-down products offer wide VIN operation ranges: 4.5 V to 36 V, 1 A to 3 A output current. And the they offer a 36 V / 2 A complete USB charger and 48 V / 13 W complete PoE solution.

Currently, they offer pre-configured products to meet a broad range of power specifications, but later this year they will launch the industry’s first digitally programmable and scalable solutions.

mEZ DC/DC Plug and Play Power Module Solutions

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - Input (Min)Voltage - Input (Max)Voltage - Output 1Available QuantityView Details
MEZD71201A-A datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 1VMEZD71201A-ADC DC CONVERTER 1V4.5V24V1V96 - Immediate
MEZD71201A-A product page link
MEZD71201A-B datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 1.2VMEZD71201A-BDC DC CONVERTER 1.2V4.5V24V1.2V64 - Immediate
MEZD71201A-B product page link
MEZD71201A-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 1.5VMEZD71201A-CDC DC CONVERTER 1.5V4.5V24V1.5V62 - Immediate
MEZD71201A-C product page link
MEZD71201A-D datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 1.8VMEZD71201A-DDC DC CONVERTER 1.8V4.5V24V1.8V59 - Immediate
MEZD71201A-D product page link
MEZD71201A-E datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 2.5VMEZD71201A-EDC DC CONVERTER 2.5V4.5V24V2.5V117 - Immediate
MEZD71201A-E product page link
MEZD71201A-F datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 3.3VMEZD71201A-FDC DC CONVERTER 3.3V4.5V24V3.3V303 - Immediate
MEZD71201A-F product page link
MEZD71201A-G datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5VMEZD71201A-GDC DC CONVERTER 5V6.5V24V5V114 - Immediate
MEZD71201A-G product page link
MEZD71202A-A datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 1VMEZD71202A-ADC DC CONVERTER 1V4.5V24V1V85 - Immediate
MEZD71202A-A product page link
MEZD71202A-B datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 1.2VMEZD71202A-BDC DC CONVERTER 1.2V4.5V24V1.2V72 - Immediate
MEZD71202A-B product page link
MEZD71202A-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 1.5VMEZD71202A-CDC DC CONVERTER 1.5V4.5V24V1.5V50 - Immediate
MEZD71202A-C product page link
MEZD71202A-D datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 1.8VMEZD71202A-DDC DC CONVERTER 1.8V4.5V24V1.8V75 - Immediate
MEZD71202A-D product page link
MEZD71202A-E datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 2.5VMEZD71202A-EDC DC CONVERTER 2.5V4.5V24V2.5V80 - Immediate
MEZD71202A-E product page link
MEZD71202A-F datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 3.3VMEZD71202A-FDC DC CONVERTER 3.3V4.5V24V3.3V613 - Immediate
MEZD71202A-F product page link
MEZD71202A-G datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5VMEZD71202A-GDC DC CONVERTER 5V6.5V24V5V808 - Immediate
MEZD71202A-G product page link
MEZD71203A-A datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 1VMEZD71203A-ADC DC CONVERTER 1V5V16V1V73 - Immediate
MEZD71203A-A product page link
MEZD71203A-B datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 1.2VMEZD71203A-BDC DC CONVERTER 1.2V5V16V1.2V50 - Immediate
MEZD71203A-B product page link
MEZD71203A-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 1.5VMEZD71203A-CDC DC CONVERTER 1.5V5V16V1.5V82 - Immediate
MEZD71203A-C product page link
MEZD71203A-D datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 1.8VMEZD71203A-DDC DC CONVERTER 1.8V5V16V1.8V194 - Immediate
MEZD71203A-D product page link
MEZD71203A-E datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 2.5VMEZD71203A-EDC DC CONVERTER 2.5V5V16V2.5V98 - Immediate
MEZD71203A-E product page link
MEZD71203A-F datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 3.3VMEZD71203A-FDC DC CONVERTER 3.3V5V16V3.3V672 - Immediate
MEZD71203A-F product page link
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Published: 2017-05-09