Molex Custom Cable Creator

Molex Custom Cable Creator

The Molex Cable Creator allows users to choose from many different product connector families, circuit sizes, wire gauges, UL styles, cable lengths and more. To meet the needs of unique applications, the proprietary pinout configurator provides options to select individual connections and wire color.

Popular Molex series like Pico Blade, Micro-Fit, Mini-Fit, Milli-Grid, Pico Clasp, Nano-Fit, Ultra-Fit, KK 254, DuraClik, Mega-Fit, Clikmate and so many more Custom Cables can be created by your request. The new Custom Cable Creator is a revolutionary tool poised to dramatically help wiring harness designers develop solutions to meet their exact needs. The amount of customization now available, customers can easily design their own pinout for the wires and greatly simplify cable routing and management.

Design your own cable harness with the Molex Custom Cable Configurator and Digi-Key will provide you a quote.

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Design Your Molex Custom Cable