Microchip  and MikroElektronika

To help you bring your ideas to life even faster, Microchip has added quick-start software libraries for MikroElektronika click boards™ into the award-winning MPLAB® Code Configurator(MCC) plug-in. Now, you can easily incorporate sensing, control, or communication functionality into your prototype design without the stress and hassle of low-level code development and validation.

Tell Me About MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC)

MPLAB Code Configurator is a free software plug-in for MPLAB X and MPLAB Xpress Integrated Development Environments. It generates easily modifiable, production-ready application code for many 8- and 16-bit PIC® MCUs in just a few mouse clicks. For more information, visit www.microchip.com/MCC

Tell Me About MikroElektronika click boards

Mikroelektronika’s click add-on boards are the easiest way to add sensors, human interface, control, or wireless communications interfaces to your design. Based on the mikroBUS™ interface standard, click boards add incredible capability to any system with ease.

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MikroElektronika click boards


Week 1 Click Into MCC Week 2: Sensors
  Click Into MCC - Week 1 Week 2: Sensors
  Part Number Description Datasheet  
3D Motion Click 1471-1435-ND DEV BOARD 3D MOTION CLICK 3D Motion Click Datasheet Link 3D Motion Click Product Page
Accel 3 Click 1471-1613-ND ACCEL 3 CLICK Accel 3 Click Datasheet Link Accel 3 Click Product Page
Altitude Click 1471-1459-ND ALTITUDE CLICK Altitude Click Datasheet Link Altitude Click Product Page
Compass Click 1471-1088-ND BOARD ADD-ON COMPASS CLICK Compass click Datasheet Link Compass Click Product Page
Current Click 1471-1091-ND BOARD ADD-ON CURRENT CLICK Current click Datasheet Link Current Click Product Page
Diff pressure Click 1471-1658-ND DIFF PRESSURE CLICK Diff pressure click Datasheet Link Diff pressure Click Product Page
GYRO Click 1471-1084-ND BOARD ADD-ON GYRO CLICK GYRO click Datasheet Link GYRO Click Product Page
HDC1000 Click 1471-1401-ND DEV BOARD HDC1000 CLICK BOARD HDC1000 clickDatasheet Link HDC1000 Click Product Page
Heart rate Click 1471-1496-ND HEART RATE CLICK Heart rate click Datasheet Link Heart rate Click Product Page
METHANE Click 1471-1356-ND BOARD CH4 METHANE CLICK METHANE click Datasheet Link METHANE Click Product Page
Noise Click 1471-1689-ND NOISE CLICK Noise click Datasheet Link Noise Click Product Page
Ozone Click 1471-1638-ND OZONE CLICK Ozone click Datasheet Link Ozone Click Product Page
Weather Click 1471-1487-ND WEATHER BOARD HUM/PRESS/TEMP Weather click Datasheet Link Weather Click Product Page

HMI / Storage

Week 3: Human Machine Interface & Storage
  Click Into MCC - Week 3
  Part Number Description Datasheet  
Counter Click 1471-1495-ND COUNTER CLICK Counter Click Datasheet Link Counter Click Product Page
EEPROM Click 1471-1039-ND BOARD EEPROM CLICK EEPROM Click Datasheet Link EEPROM Click Product Page
EEPROM2 Click 1471-1447-ND BOARD EEPROM 2 CLICK EEPROM2 Click Datasheet Link EEPROM2 Click Product Page
EEPROM3 Click 1471-1554-ND EEPROM3 CLICK EEPROM3 Click Datasheet Link EEPROM3 Click Product Page
Flash 2 Click 1471-1617-ND FLASH 2 CLICK Flash 2 click Datasheet Link Flash 2 Click Product Page
RTC5 Click 1471-1493-ND CLICK BOARD RTC5 MCP79510 RTC5 click Datasheet Link RTC5 Click Product Page
TouchPad Click 1471-1510-ND TOUCHPAD CLICK TouchPad click Datasheet Link TouchPad Click Product Page

Mixed Signal

Click Into MCC - 50 Clicks in 50 Days Promotion - Week 4: Mixed Signal
  Click Into MCC - Week 4
  Part Number Description Datasheet  
ADC Click 1471-1301-ND BOARD ACCY ADC CLICK MCP3204 ADC click Datasheet Link ADC Click Product Page
ADC2 Click 1471-1439-ND BOARD ADC 2 CLICK ADC2 click Datasheet Link ADC2 Click Product Page
ADC3 Click 1471-1507-ND ADC3 CLICK ADC3 click Datasheet Link ADC3 Click Product Page
Ammeter Click 1471-1643-ND AMMETER CLICK Ammeter click Datasheet Link Ammeter Click Product Page
Charger Click 1471-1577-ND CHARGER CLICK Charger click Datasheet Link Charger Click Product Page
DAC Click 1471-1317-ND BOARD ACCY DAC CLICK MIKROBUS DAC Click Datasheet Link DAC Click Product Page
DAC 3 Click 1471-1579-ND DAC 3 CLICK DAC 3 Click Datasheet Link DAC 3 Click Product Page
DIGI POT Click 1471-1302-ND BOARD ACCY DIGIPOT MIKROBUS DIGI POT click Datasheet Link DIGI POT Click Product Page
Fan Click 1471-1512-ND FAN CLICK Fan click Datasheet Link Fan Click Product Page
RELAY Click 1471-1080-ND BOARD RELAY CLICK RELAY click Datasheet Link RELAY Click Product Page


Click Into MCC - 50 Clicks in 50 Days Promotion - Week 5: Interface
  Click Into MCC - Week 5
  Part Number Description Datasheet  
4-20 mA R Click 1471-1089-ND BOARD ADD-ON 4-20MA R CLICK 4-20 mA R clickDatasheet Link 4-20 mA R Click Product Page
4-20 mA T Click 1471-1063-ND BOARD ADD-ON 4-20MA T CLICK 4-20 mA T click Datasheet Link 4-20 mA T Click Product Page
CAN SPI click 3.3 V 1471-1324-ND BOARD ACCY CAN-SPI CLICK 3.3V CAN SPI click 3.3 V Datasheet Link CAN SPI click 3.3 V Product Page
CAN SPI click 5 V 1471-1326-ND BOARD CAN-SPI CLICK 5V MIKROBUS CAN SPI click 5 V Datasheet Link CAN SPI click 5 V Product Page
ETH Click 1471-1320-ND BOARD ACCY ETH CLICK MIKROBUS ETH Click Datasheet Link ETH Click Product Page
Expand Click 1471-1318-ND BOARD ACCY EXPAND CLICK MIKROBUS Expand click Datasheet Link Expand Click Product Page
MCP2542 Click 1471-1611-ND MCP2542 CLICK   MCP2542 Click Product Page
MCP25625 Click ADM00617-ND MCP25625 PICTAIL PLUS DAUGHTER B MCP25625 Click Datasheet Link MCP25625 Click Product Page
RS232 Click 1471-1342-ND BOARD COMM SERIAL RS232 CLICK RS232 Click Datasheet Link RS232 Click Product Page
RS485 Click 5 V 1471-1304-ND BOARD MEMORY RS485 CLICK 5V RS485 Click 5 V Datasheet Link RS485 Click 5 V Product Page
USB I<sup>2</sup>C Click 1471-1490-ND CLICK BOARD USB I2C MCP2221 USB I2C Click Datasheet Link USB I2C Click Product Page
USB SPI Click 1471-1042-ND BOARD USB SPI CLICK USB SPI Click Datasheet Link USB SPI Click Product Page
USB UART Click 1471-1041-ND BOARD USB UART CLICK USB UART Click Datasheet Link USB UART Click Product Page


Click Into MCC - 50 Clicks in 50 Days Promotion - Week 6: Wireless Click Into MCC - 50 Clicks in 50 Days Promotion - Week 7: Wireless
  Click Into MCC - Week 6 Click Into MCC - Week 7
  Part Number Description Datasheet  
BLE2 Click 1471-1452-ND RF TXRX MOD BLUETOOTH TRACE ANT BLE2 Click Datasheet Link BLE2 Clic kProduct Page
Bluetooth Click 1471-1319-ND RF TXRX MODULE BLUETOOTH Bluetooth Click Datasheet Link Bluetooth Click Product Page
GPS Click 1471-1009-ND BOARD GPS CLICK UART/I2C GPS Click Datasheet Link GPS Click Product Page
GPS3 Click 1471-1395-ND DEV BOARD GPS3 GPS3 Click Datasheet Link GPS3 Click Product Page
GSM Click 1471-1065-ND RF TXRX MODULE CELLULAR GSM Click Datasheet Link GSM Click Product Page
GSM2 Click 1471-1082-ND RF TXRX MODULE CELLULAR SMA ANT GSM2 Click Datasheet Link GSM2 Click Product Page
IR Click 1471-1083-ND BOARD ADD-ON IR CLICK IR Click Datasheet Link IR Click Product Page
IrDA2 Click 1471-1034-ND BOARD IRDA2 CLICK IrDA2 Click Datasheet Link IrDA2 Click Product Page
LoRa 2 Click 1471-1632-ND LORA 2 CLICK LoRa 2 Click Datasheet Link LoRa 2 Click Product Page
LoRa RF Click 1471-1555-ND LORA RF CLICK LoRa RF Click Datasheet Link LoRa RF Click Product Page
NANO GPS Click 1471-1441-ND BOARD NANO GPS CLICK NANO GPS Click Datasheet Link NANO GPS Click Product Page
RFid Click 1471-1109-ND BOARD ACCY RFID CLICK RFid Click Datasheet Link RFid Click Product Page
WiFi PLUS Click 1471-1026-ND RF TXRX MODULE WIFI TRACE ANT WiFi PLUS Click Datasheet Link WiFi PLUS Click Product Page
WiFi3 Click 1471-1371-ND DEV BOARD WIFI3 CLICK P2P 3.3V WiFi3 Click Datasheet Link WiFi3 Click Product Page
WiFly Click 1471-1468-ND WIFLY CLICK WiFly Click Datasheet Link WiFly Click Product Page

How to Get Started

If you’re new to this, there are only 5 easy steps to get up and running with MikroElektronika click boards in MCC:

Step 1: Choose a Development Board

Many of our newest development boards feature mikroBUS socket support. If you don’t already have one, we would suggest a Curiosity Development Board or an MPLAB Xpress Evaluation Board as a great starting point.

Step 2: Get MPLAB Code Configurator

You have two choices. MCC is available inside both the FREE downloadable MPLAB X IDE and the FREE and cloud-based MPLAB Xpress IDE. No matter which one you choose, you get the same great capability and ease of use.

MPLAB COde Configurator MPLAB X Intergrated


Click Into MCC - 50 Clicks in 50 Days Introduction Video
Intro Video

Step 3: Download the MCC Click Library

Click Here to Download, then follow the instructions to add Click support to MCC.

Step 4: Select Your Click Board(s)

Choose from the many click boards supported in MCC.

Step 5: Watch a Tutorial

How To Click Into MCC Tutorial - #1 SPI How To Click Into MCC Tutorial - #2 I2C How To Click Into MCC Tutorial - #3 Change Communication Bus
How to Click Into MCC Tutorial #1 How to Click Into MCC Tutorial #2 How to Click Into MCC Tutorial #3