ATtiny161x 8-bit AVR® High Performance MCUs

Microchip presents highly integrated, feature-rich microcontrollers for a wide variety of applications

Image of Microchip's ATTINY161x 8-bit AVR® High Performance MCUsMicrochip’s ATtiny1617 and ATtiny1616 are a part of the tinyAVR 1-series of microcontrollers that feature an 8-bit RISC AVR® core processor with a hardware multiplier that runs up to 20 MHz. These microcontrollers come with up to 16 KB Flash, 2 KB SRAM and 128 bytes of EEPROM and are available in 14-, 20-, and 24-pin packages.

The tinyAVR 1-series uses the latest technologies with a flexible and low power architecture including event system and sleep walking, accurate analog features, and advanced peripherals. ATtiny1616 and ATtiny1617 MCUs also use the latest core independent peripherals with low power features making them ideal for battery-powered IoT applications. Capacitive touch interfaces with proximity sensing and driven shield are supported by the integrated QTouch® peripheral touch controller.

  • 8-bit high-performance AVR RISC CPU
    • Hardware multiplier
    • Three sleep modes:
      • Idle
      • Standby
      • Power down
    • Event system
    • Watchdog timer (WDT)
    • Power-on reset (POR)
    • Brown-out detection (BOD)
    • Single pin programming and debugging interface (UPDI)
  • Analog features
    • 12-channel 10-bit ADC with voltage reference
    • 8-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC)
    • Comparators
  • Timing/waveform/measurement control
    • Configurable custom logic (CCL)
    • 1x 12-bit timers (TCD)
    • 2x 16-bit timer (TCA / TCB)
    • Cyclical redundancy check (CRC/SCAN)
  • Communication
    • Peripheral touch controller (PTC)
    • 12 channels self-capacitance - ATtiny1616
    • 36 mutual-capacitance buttons supported - ATtiny1616
    • SPI / I2C / USART
    • 14 channels self-capacitance - ATtiny1617
    • 49 mutual-capacitance buttons supported - ATtiny1617

ATtiny161x MCUs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
ATTINY1617-MFR datasheet linkIC MCU 8BIT 16KB FLASH 24QFNATTINY1617-MFRIC MCU 8BIT 16KB FLASH 24QFN5804 - Immediate
ATTINY1617-MFR product page link
ATTINY1616-MNR datasheet linkIC MCU 8BIT 16KB FLASH 20QFNATTINY1616-MNRIC MCU 8BIT 16KB FLASH 20QFN13760 - Immediate
ATTINY1616-MNR product page link
ATTINY1616-MFR datasheet linkIC MCU 8BIT 16KB FLASH 20QFNATTINY1616-MFRIC MCU 8BIT 16KB FLASH 20QFN5349 - Immediate
ATTINY1616-MFR product page link
ATTINY1617-MNR datasheet linkIC MCU 8BIT 16KB FLASH 24QFNATTINY1617-MNRIC MCU 8BIT 16KB FLASH 24QFN2742 - Immediate
ATTINY1617-MNR product page link
ATTINY1616-SNR datasheet linkIC MCU 8BIT 16KB FLASH 20SOICATTINY1616-SNRIC MCU 8BIT 16KB FLASH 20SOIC641 - Immediate
ATTINY1616-SNR product page link
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Development Tools

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
ATTINY817-XMINI product page link
ATSTK600 datasheet linkDEV KIT FOR AVR/AVR32ATSTK600DEV KIT FOR AVR/AVR3218 - Immediate
ATSTK600 product page link
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Published: 2017-08-07