MAXQ1061 DeepCover® Cryptographic Controller

Maxim offers its MAXQ1061 DeepCover cryptographic controller for embedded devices

Image of Maxim Integrated's MAXQ1061EUD+ DeepCover® Cryptographic ControllerMaxim’s DeepCover cryptographic controller, MAXQ1061, protects the authenticity, confidentiality, and integrity of software IP, communication, and revenue models. This solution is ideal for IoT nodes that connect embedded devices, industrial networking, PLC, and network appliances. The embedded, comprehensive cryptographic toolbox provides key generation and storage up to full SSL/TLS/DTLS support by offering a high level of abstraction including TLS/DTLS key negotiation, ECDSA-based TLS/TDLS authentication, digital signature generation and verification, SSL/TLS/DTLS packet encryption, and MAC algorithms.  The IC also serves as a secure bootloader for an external generic microcontroller.

The MAXQ1061 has 32 KB of user-programmable EEPROM to securely store certificates, public keys, private and secret keys, monotonic counters, and arbitrary data. A flexible file system manages access rights for the objects. This device is controlled over an SPI or I²C interface. Life cycle management and a secure key loading protocol are also provided.

The cryptographic algorithms supported by this device includes AES, ECC, ECDSA signature scheme, SHA, and MAC digest algorithms. The true random number generator can be used for on-chip key generation. A separate hardware AES engine over SPI allows it to function as a coprocessor for stream encryption.

  • Advanced cryptographic tool box seamlessly supports highly secure key storage
  • Make certificates distribution easy
  • High-level functions simplify SSL/TLS/DTLS implementations
  • Multiple communication interface options for simpler connection to a host processor
  • Comprehensive host software libraries are provided
  • Extensive host/system services increase flexibility and reduce system cost
  • Fast AES engine for bulk encryption
  • No firmware development required

The 2017 Security Excellence Award,
presented by IoT Evolution Magazine
Image of Maxim's IoT Security Excellence 2017 Award
Electronic Products,
2017 Product of the Year Award

Image of Maxim's Electronic Products' 2017 Product of the Year Award

MAXQ1061EUD+ DeepCover Cryptographic Controller

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Published: 2017-05-31