Data Converters

Maxim Integrated data converters feature the MAX11192 dual ADC converter

Image of Maxim's Data ConvertersData converters are an essential analog building block and Maxim’s portfolio includes high-performance analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs), digital potentiometers, analog front-end (AFE) ICs, and calibration ICs. Its ADCs encompass precision circuits with superior conversion performance under 2 Msps and high-speed ICs optimized for sample rates above 2 Gsps. Its DACs include devices with resolution from 4- to 18-bits and sampling rates over 4 Gsps. Many of these circuits are targeted for specialized applications, such as simultaneous sampling ADCs and ADCs with built-in power rails.

On the ADC side, Maxim's portfolio includes the MAX11192 with optimal signal-to-noise ratio, speed, power, and size. It is easy to drive, fast to read, and ideal for resolvers and encoders, smart grid equipment, medical equipment, and industrial sensors. One of the industry’s highest performance DACs are the MAX5717 and MAX5719 16- and 20-bit voltage devices. Ideal for applications including automatic test equipment, communication systems, and test and measurement equipment, this family has integrated feedback resistors to support bipolar operation with an external operational amplifier.


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
MAX11192ATE+ datasheet linkIC ADC 12BIT 2MSPS 16TDFNMAX11192ATE+IC ADC 12BIT 2MSPS 16TDFN64 - Immediate
990 - Factory Stock
MAX11192ATE+ product page link
MAX5854ETL+ datasheet linkIC DAC 10BIT 165MSPS DUAL 40TQFNMAX5854ETL+IC DAC 10BIT 165MSPS DUAL 40TQFN100 - Immediate
100 - Factory Stock
MAX5854ETL+ product page link
MAX19516ETM+ datasheet linkIC ADC 10BIT 100MSPS DUAL 48TQFNMAX19516ETM+IC ADC 10BIT 100MSPS DUAL 48TQFN160 - Immediate
516 - Factory Stock
MAX19516ETM+ product page link
MAX11666AUB/V+ datasheet linkIC ADC 12BIT SRL 500KSPS 10UMAXMAX11666AUB/V+IC ADC 12BIT SRL 500KSPS 10UMAX181 - Immediate
MAX11666AUB/V+ product page link
MAX11270EUG+ datasheet linkIC ADC 24-BIT DELTA SIG 24TSSOPMAX11270EUG+IC ADC 24-BIT DELTA SIG 24TSSOP1119 - Immediate
868 - Factory Stock
MAX11270EUG+ product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
MAX5717GSD+ datasheet linkIC DAC 16BIT V-OUT 14SOICMAX5717GSD+IC DAC 16BIT V-OUT 14SOIC55 - Immediate
4050 - Factory Stock
MAX5717GSD+ product page link
MAX5717AGSD+ datasheet link16-BIT VOLTAGE DACMAX5717AGSD+16-BIT VOLTAGE DAC95 - Immediate
300 - Factory Stock
MAX5717AGSD+ product page link
MAX5719GSD+ datasheet linkIC DAC 20BIT V-OUT 14SOICMAX5719GSD+IC DAC 20BIT V-OUT 14SOIC109 - Immediate
1150 - Factory Stock
MAX5719GSD+ product page link
MAX5719AGSD+ datasheet link20-BIT VOLTAGE DACMAX5719AGSD+20-BIT VOLTAGE DAC42 - Immediate
3800 - Factory Stock
MAX5719AGSD+ product page link

Digital Pots

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
MAX5391LATE+T datasheet linkIC POT DGTL DUAL 256TAP 16-TQFNMAX5391LATE+TIC POT DGTL DUAL 256TAP 16-TQFN2855 - Immediate
5000 - Factory Stock
MAX5391LATE+T product page link
MAX5391MATE+T datasheet linkIC POT DGTL DUAL 256TAP 16-TQFNMAX5391MATE+TIC POT DGTL DUAL 256TAP 16-TQFN4284 - Immediate
15000 - Factory Stock
MAX5391MATE+T product page link
MAX5391NATE+T datasheet linkIC POT DGTL DUAL 256TAP 16-TQFNMAX5391NATE+TIC POT DGTL DUAL 256TAP 16-TQFN1542 - Immediate
15000 - Factory Stock
MAX5391NATE+T product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
MAX19713ETN+ datasheet linkIC ANLG FRONT END 45MSPS 56-TQFNMAX19713ETN+IC ANLG FRONT END 45MSPS 56-TQFN282 - Immediate
1978 - Factory Stock
MAX19713ETN+ product page link

Eval Kit

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
MAX11192EVKIT# datasheet linkKIT EVAL FOR MAX11192MAX11192EVKIT#KIT EVAL FOR MAX111922 - Immediate
12 - Factory Stock
MAX11192EVKIT# product page link
Published: 2017-10-25