Gecko-SL Horizontal Connectors

Harwin's Gecko-SL 1.25 mm pitch horizontal connectors are ideally suited for stacking and cable mating

Image of Harwin's Gecko-SL Horizontal ConnectorsHarwin's Gecko-SL brings a high-reliability connection at a miniature 1.25 mm pitch. These connectors are an ideal choice for SWaP-C optimization (size, weight, power, and cost). They are up to 45% smaller and up to 75% lighter than existing industry-standard equivalents. For increased design flexibility, the Gecko-SL range has been expanded to include horizontal configurations.

This range expansion brings the additional option of a male through-board connector at right angles to the PCB. Save space above the PCB by routing the mating cables sideways or join the PCBs together with a 90 degree connection (ideal for motherboard-to-daughterboard). The Gecko-SL 1.25 mm pitch connector is available in pin counts up to 50, and it is fully compatible with the rest of the Gecko-SL range.

They are fitted with mate-before-lock hardware for simplified mating and a secure connection. The stainless steel screw-locks are supplied in two styles: standard for male PCB-to-female cable or reverse gender fixings (reverse fix) for female motherboard-to-male daughterboard.

  • 2 A per contact (electrically loaded)
  • Space and weight savings
  • Mate-before-lock stainless steel jackscrews
  • Low outgassing materials
  • Withstand extreme shock (100 G, 6 ms) and vibration (20 G, 6 hrs)
  • Temperature range of -65°C to +150°C
  • Capable of 1,000 mating cycles
  • Space
    • Satellites and CubeSats, radar communications, and launch systems
  • Defense and security
    • Unmanned vehicles, communications, portable equipment, and vehicle electronics
  • Aviation
    • Guidance systems, engine controls, radar, and tracking
  • Communication and telemetry
    • Navigation, AI, GPS and tracking equipment, and ERS controls
Gecko-SL Horizontal Connectors
Manufacturer Part Numbers
G125-MH10605M3P G125-MH10605M4P
G125-MH11005M3P G125-MH11005M4P
G125-MH11205M3P G125-MH11205M4P
G125-MH11605M3P G125-MH11605M4P
G125-MH12005M3P G125-MH12005M4P
G125-MH12605M3P G125-MH12605M4P
G125-MH13405M3P G125-MH13405M4P
G125-MH15005M3P G125-MH15005M4P
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Published: 2020-02-14