IDC Solutions

CnC Tech's cables and connectors that can take advantage of the benefits of insulation displacement technology

Image of CnC Tech's IDC SolutionsCnC Tech's IDC solutions take advantage of insulation displacement technology and come in a variety of connectors, terminations, and colors. Their wide variety of popular connectors includes sockets and headers with gold-plated contacts that are available with or without strain reliefs and polarizing keys. Headers are available in either surface-mount or through-hole termination. Flat ribbon cables are available with tinned copper conductors in gray or multi-color with pitch options of 0.025” or 0.050”.

CnC Tech's IDC D-sub connectors are offered in 9- to 37-positions with PBT glass fiber (UL94V-0) insulators. IDC connectors can save time in many applications since many connections can be made at once. The special contact design allows for the usage of a standard, 1.27 mm (.05") flat cable. They are available with standard, unthreaded mounting holes and threaded inserts. The standard, unthreaded mounting holes on these D-sub connectors are useful when mating to an existing connector which contains jack screws. Standard #4-40 machine screws may be fed through the unthreaded mounting holes of the connector and into the jack screws of the mating connector in order to secure a connection. The threaded inserts are useful when panel-mounting these connectors or when installing jack screws without panel mounting is desired.

Connector Features
  • Current rating: 3 A
  • Insulation resistance: 1000 MΩ (min.)
  • Dielectric voltage: 600 VAC
  • Contact resistance: 20 mΩ (max.)
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +105°C
Flat Ribbon Cable Features
  • Operating temperature: +105°C
  • 0.050” pitch cable has a rated voltage of 300 V; 0.025” pitch cable has a rated voltage of 150 V
  • PVC jacket material 
  • Withstands voltage of 2,500 V for one minute
  • Tensile strength 1500 PSI
D-Sub Connector Features
  • Current rating: 1 A
  • Voltage rating: 250 VAC
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +105°C
  • Contact resistance: 1000 MΩ (min.)
  • Withstanding voltage: 500 VAC (min.)


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
3220-10-0300-00 datasheet linkCONN HEADER 0.050" 10POS SMT AU3220-10-0300-00CONN HEADER 0.050" 10POS SMT AU266396 - Immediate
3220-10-0300-00 product page link
3220-10-0100-00 datasheet linkBOX HEADER, 0.050 10 POS3220-10-0100-00BOX HEADER, 0.050 10 POS132375 - Immediate
3220-10-0100-00 product page link
3220-20-0300-00 datasheet linkCONN HEADER 0.050" 20POS SMT AU3220-20-0300-00CONN HEADER 0.050" 20POS SMT AU20011 - Immediate
3220-20-0300-00 product page link
3020-10-0300-00 datasheet linkCONN HEADER SMT 10POS .1" GOLD3020-10-0300-00CONN HEADER SMT 10POS .1" GOLD20824 - Immediate
3020-10-0300-00 product page link
3020-26-0300-00 datasheet linkCONN HEADER SMT 26POS .1" GOLD3020-26-0300-00CONN HEADER SMT 26POS .1" GOLD11756 - Immediate
3020-26-0300-00 product page link
3020-20-0300-00 datasheet linkCONN HEADER SMT 20POS .1" GOLD3020-20-0300-00CONN HEADER SMT 20POS .1" GOLD29437 - Immediate
3020-20-0300-00 product page link
3020-10-0100-00 datasheet linkCONN HEADER VERT 10POS .1" GOLD3020-10-0100-00CONN HEADER VERT 10POS .1" GOLD5476 - Immediate
3020-10-0100-00 product page link
3020-20-0100-00 datasheet linkCONN HEADER VERT 20POS .1" GOLD3020-20-0100-00CONN HEADER VERT 20POS .1" GOLD8853 - Immediate
3020-20-0100-00 product page link
3020-16-0100-00 datasheet linkCONN HEADER VERT 16POS .1" GOLD3020-16-0100-00CONN HEADER VERT 16POS .1" GOLD3909 - Immediate
3020-16-0100-00 product page link
3020-14-0100-00 datasheet linkCONN HEADER VERT 14POS .1" GOLD3020-14-0100-00CONN HEADER VERT 14POS .1" GOLD34410 - Immediate
3020-14-0100-00 product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
3030-40-0101-00 datasheet linkIDC SOCKET 0.100 40 POS FLASH3030-40-0101-00IDC SOCKET 0.100 40 POS FLASH8306 - Immediate
3030-40-0101-00 product page link
3030-20-0103-00 datasheet linkIDC SOCKET 0.100 20 POS FLASH3030-20-0103-00IDC SOCKET 0.100 20 POS FLASH7890 - Immediate
3030-20-0103-00 product page link
3030-14-0102-00 datasheet linkIDC SOCKET 0.100 14 POS FLASH3030-14-0102-00IDC SOCKET 0.100 14 POS FLASH5373 - Immediate
3030-14-0102-00 product page link
3030-14-0101-00 datasheet linkIDC SOCKET 0.100 14 POS FLASH3030-14-0101-00IDC SOCKET 0.100 14 POS FLASH03030-14-0101-00 product page link
3030-40-0103-00 datasheet linkIDC SOCKET 0.100 40 POS FLASH3030-40-0103-00IDC SOCKET 0.100 40 POS FLASH2645 - Immediate
3030-40-0103-00 product page link
3030-14-0103-00 datasheet linkIDC SOCKET 0.100 14 POS FLASH3030-14-0103-00IDC SOCKET 0.100 14 POS FLASH11273 - Immediate
3030-14-0103-00 product page link
3030-26-0103-00 datasheet linkIDC SOCKET 0.100 26 POS FLASH3030-26-0103-00IDC SOCKET 0.100 26 POS FLASH7610 - Immediate
3030-26-0103-00 product page link
3030-20-0102-00 datasheet linkIDC SOCKET 0.10020 POS FLASH3030-20-0102-00IDC SOCKET 0.10020 POS FLASH03030-20-0102-00 product page link
3030-10-0102-00 datasheet linkIDC SOCKET 0.100 10 POS FLASH3030-10-0102-00IDC SOCKET 0.100 10 POS FLASH10659 - Immediate
3030-10-0102-00 product page link
3030-16-0103-00 datasheet linkIDC SOCKET 0.100 16 POS FLASH3030-16-0103-00IDC SOCKET 0.100 16 POS FLASH5125 - Immediate
3030-16-0103-00 product page link
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Flat Ribbon Cables

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of ConductorsLengthAvailable QuantityView Details
302-28-04-GR-0100F datasheet linkFLAT RBN CBL GRAY 4 COND 100'302-28-04-GR-0100FFLAT RBN CBL GRAY 4 COND 100'4100.0' (30.48m)125 - Immediate
302-28-04-GR-0100F product page link
302-28-04-GR-0250F datasheet linkFLAT RBN CBL GRAY 4 COND 250'302-28-04-GR-0250FFLAT RBN CBL GRAY 4 COND 250'4250.0' (76.20m)30 - Immediate
302-28-04-GR-0250F product page link
302-28-10-GR-0100F datasheet linkFLAT RBN CBL GRAY 10 COND 100'302-28-10-GR-0100FFLAT RBN CBL GRAY 10 COND 100'10100.0' (30.48m)58 - Immediate
302-28-10-GR-0100F product page link
304-28-10-MC-0100F datasheet linkFLAT RBN CBL MULTI 10 COND 100'304-28-10-MC-0100FFLAT RBN CBL MULTI 10 COND 100'10100.0' (30.48m)76 - Immediate
304-28-10-MC-0100F product page link
300-30-10-GR-0100F datasheet linkFLAT RBN CBL GRAY 10 COND 100'300-30-10-GR-0100FFLAT RBN CBL GRAY 10 COND 100'10100.0' (30.48m)74 - Immediate
300-30-10-GR-0100F product page link
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D-Sub Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFeaturesAvailable QuantityView Details
410M0-09-1-00 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB PLUG 9POS STR IDC410M0-09-1-00CONN D-SUB PLUG 9POS STR IDCFeed Through, Grounding Indents2354 - Immediate
410M0-09-1-00 product page link
410F0-09-1-00 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB RCPT 9POS STR IDC410F0-09-1-00CONN D-SUB RCPT 9POS STR IDCFeed Through4363 - Immediate
410F0-09-1-00 product page link
410M0-15-1-00 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB PLUG 15POS STR IDC410M0-15-1-00CONN D-SUB PLUG 15POS STR IDCFeed Through, Grounding Indents1719 - Immediate
410M0-15-1-00 product page link
410F0-15-1-00 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB RCPT 15POS STR IDC410F0-15-1-00CONN D-SUB RCPT 15POS STR IDCFeed Through3245 - Immediate
410F0-15-1-00 product page link
410M0-25-1-00 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB PLUG 25POS STR IDC410M0-25-1-00CONN D-SUB PLUG 25POS STR IDCFeed Through, Grounding Indents1420 - Immediate
410M0-25-1-00 product page link
410F0-25-1-00 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB RCPT 25POS STR IDC410F0-25-1-00CONN D-SUB RCPT 25POS STR IDCFeed Through785 - Immediate
410F0-25-1-00 product page link
410M0-37-1-00 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB PLUG 37POS STR IDC410M0-37-1-00CONN D-SUB PLUG 37POS STR IDCFeed Through, Grounding Indents1200 - Immediate
410M0-37-1-00 product page link
410F0-37-1-00 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB RCPT 37POS STR IDC410F0-37-1-00CONN D-SUB RCPT 37POS STR IDCFeed Through1014 - Immediate
410F0-37-1-00 product page link
400M0-09-1-00 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB PLUG 9POS STR IDC400M0-09-1-00CONN D-SUB PLUG 9POS STR IDCFeed Through, Grounding Indents2824 - Immediate
400M0-09-1-00 product page link
400F0-09-1-00 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB RCPT 9POS STR IDC400F0-09-1-00CONN D-SUB RCPT 9POS STR IDCFeed Through1886 - Immediate
400F0-09-1-00 product page link
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Published: 2017-08-02