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EDA/CAD Model Libraries Made Easy

Ultra Librarian® provides a cloud-based library solution with access to millions of pre-built schematic symbols, PCB footprints, and 3D models with vendor-neutral ECAD data output options. With data from over 400 manufacturers, you will be able to easily find the parts you need and export to your choice of over 20 different CAD tools. Our library is updated daily to provide you with the most accurate parts for your PCB design.

Ultra Librarian Silver Software

Ultra Librarian offers the fastest & most accurate library management tool in the printed circuit board industry. Our goal is to provide a one-stop source of data for all CAD design, simulation, 3D modeling and other engineering data in a form that is completely customizable to meet your company’s requirements as well as fulfill your clients’ needs.

Ultra Librarian Software


  • Automated and Manual Footprint, Symbol and 3D Model Creation
  • Access to Database of Pre-Built Library Parts that export to most CAD formats
  • Integrated Verification System throughout
  • Footprint Database System
  • Component Intelligence
  • Free Symbols and Footprints and 3D models
  • Choose which unit of measure to output in

A single format, CAD tool-neutral library environment for:

  • Sophisticated capabilities to greatly increase speed, efficiency and accuracy in symbol and footprint generation, as well as creation and maintenance of large libraries
  • Inputs and outputs to a wide variety of PCB CAD/CAE tool environments
  • Access to large CAD neutral vender part database
  • Automated methods of collecting library data
  • Building a CAD/CAE library from scratch
  • Merging multiple tool libraries in one standard set of libraries
  • Converting an existing library in one EDA format to another EDA format
  • An enterprise-wide library solution

Ultra Librarian Silver Software

Part Number Ultra Librarian Edition  
UL-SLV-ND Silver Package (Symbols, Footprints, and online part downloads) UL-SE-ND Product Page


Online Downloading of Components to Database How to Install Ultra Librarian Software
Online Downloading of Components to Database How to Install Ultra Librarian Software