Safe Distancing Implementation at Digi-Key Electronics

We are never going to get away from change as much as it pains us. There is always a need to drive growth and efficiency and adapt to the world around us. 2020 was far from an exception and was a true test of the need to adapt. Digi-Key Electronics met that challenge head-on by working hard to provide products and services to our customers at the same service level provided before the pandemic. But, as one can imagine, there were some additional layers of complication to the everyday workflow, specifically related to employee and customer safety. Luckily, we work at a world-class electronics distribution company with a plethora of technology solutions at our fingertips and utilized contact tracing to meet this need. Contact tracing is key to slowing the spread of infectious disease and helps protect employees and customers; Digi-Key worked to rapidly implement a safe distancing solution in our Minnesota warehouse location.

Physical distancing to prevent the spread of infectious disease is not a new concept, with its origins dating back to early medicine. However, with IoT technology and connectivity products and solutions readily available for rapid placement, companies can find solutions that work for them. Digi-Key utilized Bluetooth badges and sensor installation throughout the facility through a contact tracing kit provided by Option NV. Digi-Key deployed the solution in a pilot phase to start, with deliverables revolving around verifying things worked correctly. Including potential warehouse interference, employee satisfaction (with the weight of the product, battery life, etc.), and human resources verification of contact event protocols related to privacy and notification. Contact events and times are tracked anonymously and stored securely until the information needs to be accessed by select company representatives to ensure privacy and health information are not compromised at any time. Once verified, it was rapidly deployed without incident within a two-week time frame to all employees entering the warehouse facility.

It is proven that safe distancing is an effective way to limit and decrease the spread of infectious diseases. This solution allows businesses to safely bring their employees back to the workplace while monitoring close-proximity interactions and ensuring that proper distancing guidelines are being followed. As businesses think about this in the future, Digi-Key has IoT Solutions that include the products, services, and information needed to assist. We truly want to work together with you to help keep your customers and employees safe.

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Kelsie McMillin, Partnership Marketing Manager – Strategic Programs at Digi-Key, has been with the company since 2015. She works with all products and services related to the IoT and earned her Associate of Applied Science degree in Electronics Technology & Automated Systems from Northland Community & Technical College through the Digi-Key scholarship program. In her free time, she enjoys going on adventures with her family.

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