Raspberry Pi Brings Old Suitcase Computer Back to Life

I love the smell and feel of old stuff and computers are no exception. They can be bulky, heavy, and laughably slow, but they are so very cool! It’s like stepping back in time. Hackaday is featuring a pretty fantastic build of a retrocomputer that was revived by a Raspberry Pi. All original is often preferred, but when that’s not possible, new technology is needed to breathe life back into these old machines.

The retrocomputing trend is to lovingly and carefully restore these old machines to their former glory, regardless of how clunky or underpowered they are by modern standards. Sometimes they can’t be saved, yet it’s still possible to gut and rebuild the machine with modern hardware, like with this Raspberry Pi used to revive an Osborne 1.

The tricky part about this build was making the original keyboard talk to the Pi, which was accomplished with an Arduino that translates key presses to USB.

To read more about this restoration click here to hop on over to Hackaday.

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