Digi-Key's Major Expansion

A couple of weeks ago, we announced that we would be launching a 1 million square foot building expansion project. So how big will our new planned fulfillment center be? Let’s just say it’s about 4 football fields long and almost 3 fields wide!

The next logical question is what do you do with that all that space? For Digi-Key the answer is easy… we want to continue to add new and exciting products. Our targets are both new products from existing suppliers and new technology from new partners to continue to offer the design community access to the broadest range of solutions. Our industry’s version of the “chicken and the egg” is that to offer more parts you must reach more customers and to reach more customers, you must offer more selection. Rather than be confounded by this paradox, we’ve embraced it as a business philosophy for over 4 decades. Whatever end application your product serves—IoT, medical, alternative energy, networking, military/aerospace, etc.—let Digi-Key be your first stop to search for component and board level solutions.

Your next question might be a concern that, in getting bigger, Digi-Key could risk the support and high service levels you’ve come to expect. Rest assured that to address this potential concern, we’re expanding right here in our rural home of 45 years in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. I’ve found that the only group with higher service standards than our 500K+ customers are our 3,500+ team members that take pride in meeting and exceeding your expectations on each order, each and every day. We know that it’s your end products that will continue to change our world and we take great pride in playing a small role in enabling that innovation!

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Image of Dave Doherty, President and COO at Digi-Key Electronics

Dave Doherty, President and Chief Operating Officer at Digi-Key Electronics, brings over 30 years of professional experience between the semiconductor manufacturing and electronics distribution industries, the last 10 with Digi-Key. His experience and knowledge enables him to provide great insight and innovative leadership within Digi-Key and the electronics industry. Dave holds a BSEE from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, an MBA from Babson College and has served as President of the Educational Foundation Board for the Electronics Component Industry Association as well as the chairperson for their Executive Conference.

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