Digi-Key’s Holiday Video Time Machine

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—or so they say. Added pressure of finding that perfect gift, hosting family and friends, and coordinating multiple holiday celebrations can pile on extra stress. Let’s not forget to mention making sure you’re all caught up on everything at work before taking your “relaxing” holiday vacation.

We can’t help you with your mother-in-law, but we can make sure everything is good to go when you come back from your holiday break. Ordering your parts before the holidays can help you rest assured your order will ship out same day, and, by opting for expedited shipping, you can have those parts as early as tomorrow. If you know you have projects coming up first thing of the New Year, just place your order, let us know when you need it, and don’t stress about coming back to the office in January.

Besides the office (because who wants to think about work over the holidays) Digi-Key has a ton of stuff for you to play with or even introduce to the aspiring maker in your family. Between projects on, development boards, and Raspberry Pi Zero kits there is sure to be something you can easily set up and impress your guests. Bonus: you look like a pro because they don’t know just how easy these kits are to set up.

Digi-Key Holidays Past, Present, and Future

Over the last few years Digi-Key has put together holiday videos highlighting some popular items ranging from components for building projects to single board computers to accessories you need to connect devices together. Let’s hop in the Digi-Key time machine and look at videos of holidays past, present, and future (not in that order) as these may spark an idea or supply you with a simple project you can put together during your holiday break.


Hey, we live in the now, so let’s start with the present. Check out the “red suited guy” as he gives you the final recommendations for this year’s holiday gift ideas including Flotilla kits from Pimoroni and some retro game kits from Seeed Technology all available on

Episode one opened our eyes to the Snap Circuits and Electronic Playground which are perfect for someone learning electronics or even an experienced engineer (because nostalgia).


Let’s jump ahead. Now I know what you’re thinking: you can’t show us videos that haven’t been created yet. And you would be correct. I can’t. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the bell to set an alert, and you will get notified when we have new videos go up—even after the holidays. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. But seriously, we will have more holiday videos coming in the next few weeks that you won’t want to miss.


These are the classics. You like Frosty the Snowman? Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Or maybe you’re a Grinch fan? Well, we have none of those. However, we do have Steve showing you how to make holiday lights out of though-hole LEDs and a coin cell battery from 2008.


We have Jamie making an alarm to catch “the red suited man” when he tries to grab an extra glass of milk (or to keep you on your New Year resolution diet) from 2009.


Or Nick, from 2011, setting up and programming a holiday-themed doorbell.


And finally, Nick (again) with Kevin (and Jamie—shhh, it’s a secret) trying once more to prove/disprove the existence of “the red suited man.”


Most of the parts in these videos are still actively produced components, so it should be a breeze if you would like to take a shot at building them. In the case you do find an obsolete item or want to put your own spin on the project and need help finding a specific item, feel free to chat or call us, and we will help you find a replacement. Have a great holiday season!

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