Basics of USB

Choosing the correct USB can be a difficult task, especially for someone who is unfamiliar with all the different types. An article I recently wrote lays out the background of USBs and the different options, along with a visual providing what the male and female version of each looks like. Some of the more widely used types are called out below to help ease the selection process.

  • Type A
    • Flash Drive
    • Power Cables

  • Type Micro B
    • Cell phone charging

  • Type C
    • Newly adopted as cell phone charging connectors
    • Only current reversible option

There are many other types covered in the article, along with the different speeds each type is capable of supporting, a bit of history on the connector, and links to the product on Digi-Key’s website. Shown in the image is a Type A Male to Type Micro B Male cable assembly.

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