Video - New Product Discoveries with Randall Restle — Aven Tool's Digital Microscopes and Fluke Electronics' Test Meter T6-600

Digi-Key Electronics is well known throughout the electronics industry as the “go-to” for board level components – this is no surprise with our wide breadth of product from the industry’s highest quality, technologically advanced suppliers. That’s not enough for us; we want to help you discover technology and products that may not be the traditional “Digi-Key parts”, but provide you with a leading edge whether you are in the design, manufacture, or maintenance business.

When I started my career in electronics I had less of a requirement for a microscope. I was younger, my eyesight was much sharper and to top it off components themselves were much larger. As time passed I, like everyone else, got older and my eyesight is not as on-point as it used to be. Board level, surface mount parts have become impossible to work with without the aid of some type of magnification. One of the most impressive solutions I have found is the Cyclops series of Digital Microscopes from Aven Tools.

What are the advantages of a Digital Microscope?

The Cyclops series of Digital Microscopes enable you to inspect small components on or off of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) as well as analyze solder points and joints at a 1080p resolution (based on a 24 inch monitor size). They are available with two zoom formats: Macro (43x zoom) and Micro (185x zoom). Aven Tools developed the Cyclops series with you in mind, permitting you to keep a comfortable posture without the strain of observing through tight eyepieces often associated with traditional analog microscopes. Lindsay Foy’s blog entitled “New Product Discovery: The Cyclops Micro High Definition Digital Microscope # 243-1349-ND” gives a detailed overview of the Cyclops series of digital microscopes.

The second tool I have for you today you could say falls nicely into the “traditional” Digi-Key product offering from a supplier we have worked with for many years, Fluke Electronics. The T6 series of Electrical Testers permits users to measure Current and Voltage without having to connect directly to a live Voltage by way of Fluke’s FieldSense technology. This technology sends simultaneous Voltage and Current measurements to the display for at-a-glance evaluation, making troubleshooting as efficient as possible. The T6-1000 can measure 1 to 1000 V AC or DC and 0.1 to 200 A AC at frequencies of 45 Hz to 66 Hz. Lindsay Foy explains the ins and outs of the T6 Electrical Testers using Fluke’s FieldSense technology in the blog, “New Product Discovery: Fluke Electronics Test Meter T6-600“.

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