All the Internet of Things: Episode Two Recap

With the third installment of All the Internet of Things just on the horizon, now is a great time to review Episode Two and make sure you are all caught up. In the second episode, Ladyada discusses everything protocol related. Topics included in this chapter are: HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), REST (Representational State Transfer), XML (Extensible Markup Language), JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport), and COAP (Constrained Application Protocol).

For those who missed the first part, we have an episode one guide available for you to catch the highlights, specific clips, or the complete episode. Part one was committed to transports encompassing Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth and BTLE, Cellular and Satellite, Zigbee and Z-Wave, as well as LoRa and SigFox. Keep an eye out each month as Digi-Key and Adafruit continue to release new All the Internet of Things episodes explaining key aspects of the IoT.

For your convenience Adafruit has created a step-by-step walk-through for the second episode (see chapters below). Each chapter is a section of the complete episode.

All the IoT - Protocols - Digi-Key and Adafruit

Protocols (2 minutes)

HTTP (2 minutes)

Take a REST (3 minutes)

XML (1 minute)

JSON (1 minute)

API Example (2 minutes)

RESTfull (2 minutes)

MQTT (2 minutes)

Brokers & Clients (2 minutes)

MQTT Topics (6 minutes)

MQTT QoS (2 minutes)

MQTT Extras (1 minute)

CoAP (3 minutes)

What to Use? (1 minute)

Each full-length episode is available on Digi-Key’s All the IoT page.

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