A New Addition to the KiCad Library

Digi-Key recently released an additional supplement to the original KiCad Library. This new Digi-Key Partner KiCad Library is a spin-off of the original and contains symbols and footprints created by Digi-Key’s suppliers. At the time of release, 45 new parts have been added by TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH.

The Partner Library follows the same format as the core Digi-Key library. The primary difference is that there is an extra level of supplier groupings at the top level. Each part is atomic, meaning a 1-to-1 symbol to footprint assignment. Within a specific supplier, symbols are organized by Digi-Key families and compiled with a variety of metadata such as Digi-Key and manufacturer part numbers, descriptions, lifecycle status, and datasheet links.

You may be asking why a second library is needed at all? Wouldn’t these parts work just as well in the main library? The reasoning for a new library is to create a clear distinction between items created internally by Digi-Key and those created by our suppliers. We want to make sure users know exactly where their symbols and footprints are coming from and we consider our supplier-created content to be the gold standard. In addition, the parts in the main library were carefully selected using specific metrics. We are offering suppliers more freedom in choosing what parts to add by not subjecting them to these metrics.

Some users may notice that this new library is owned by a different account than the original library. This is temporary, and the original library owned by the digikey GitHub account will eventually be transferred to the Digi-Key account.

Check out the GitHub repo to learn more about the library and reach out to us with questions or feedback on the TechForum.

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