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OSEPP Electronics

Image of OSEPP's Starter Kit: Learn Arduino Basics

Starter Kits

Discover Arduino through easy and fun lessons. OSEPP's kits come with simple instructions with diagrams making them ideal for beginners.

Image of OSEPP's Accessories


OSEPP's variety of accessory products includes cables, components, motors, gears, solar cells, and more.

Image of OSEPP's Sensor Modules

Sensor Modules

OSEPP's sensor modules are 100% Arduino compatible. They offer a huge selection of sensors to meet every need.

Tools and Support

Acerca de OSEPP Electronics

OSEPP Electronics Limited is a small group of engineers and makers from different parts of the world and of different backgrounds. Their tech support team is located in New York, their marketing team is in Canada, and their R&D team is in China (and Arizona, USA). OSEPP’s goal is to inspire kids to make things again and to put their smart phones down. Making things is more rewarding than getting a high score. OSEPP thanks their customers for helping them achieve their goal.