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Top 4 Reasons to Use HARTING har-flex Connectors
HARTING PushPull Connectors | Digi-Key Daily
Harting Han® 1A Series Power Connectors | Digi-Key Daily
HARTING Han® 1A - Compact, robust and versatile
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5 minutes
Modular Industry Computing Architecture (MICA)
MICA is small, robust, maintenance free, and can multitask while running several applications securely in parallel.
7 minutes
Unmanaged Power over Ethernet Switches
Power over Ethernet allows for simpler and quicker installations due to reduction in cabling needed, which leads to the overall installation cost savings.
10 minutes
Ha-VIS eCon 2000 and 3000 Unmanaged Ethernet Switches
This presentation will introduce HARTING’s eCon 2000-3000 series of unmanaged Ethernet switches and discuss the features and benefits of the eCon 2000 and 3000 products.
5 minutes
Introduction to Termination Types
Overview of the various types of termination styles that are available in rectangular connectors
5 minutes
preLink - Ethernet Cabling System
Ha-VIS preLink® swappable mating connectors are versatile and rugged for Ethernet cabling
5 minutes
DIN Power Connectors
DIN 41 612 Power Connectors offer increased current carrying performance compared to the DIN Signal range.
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Acerca de HARTING

HARTING desarrolla, fabrica y comercializa conectores eléctricos y electrónicos, terminaciones de dispositivo, placas posteriores, componentes de la red así como arneses de cable para redes o maquinaria, o para el uso de energía y datos en fábricas. Nuestros productos son utilizados en mecánica e ingeniería de planta, difusión y entretenimiento, automatización en fábrica, generación de energía y distribución como industrial así como electrónica y telecomunicaciones.